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HRIA Select Committee Nominees & Bios

On Monday, May 17, balloting opens for the SEMA Select Committee elections. The elections represent your opportunity to guide the direction of your SEMA councils and committees. Each SEMA council member company will receive one e-mail with instructions and links for completing an electronic Select Committee ballot. Only one ballot per company is e-mailed, and only one ballot per company will be recorded.

The e-mail ballot will be addressed to the person listed as your company’s primary council contact in the SEMA membership database. Balloting will remain open through Friday, May 28. If you think that you are the primary council contact and do not receive an e-mail on Monday, May 17, contact your SEMA Staff Liaison immediately.

HRIA Select Committee Nominees & Bios:

Larry Brogdin – Dynacorn Classic Bodies
Having participated in meetings open to HRIA and SEMA members, I understand and accept the responsibilities that come with a seat on the Select Committee. My history of working with other members of our trade association along with years of training and experience in our industry will be an asset to you as a member company. I’ve been both a consumer of and supplier to the automotive aftermarket for over three decades, so my insights will be a benefit to the Select Committee as it steers the HRIA through the economic and legislative challenges that we currently face. You can be confidant that I will work in tandem with the other members of the HRIA in the promotion of the hot-rod industry, with the Select Committee in providing education opportunities, also with SEMA to voice our opinions and remind the legislators that they work for us, so they must work with us as an industry.

Ed Capen - Goodguys Rod & Custom Association, INCUMBENT
Right out of high school I went to worked for General Motors for 10 years. Then I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and worked for a fuel-injection company that worked closely with General Motors on developing fuel injection for cars, trucks and marine applications.

I worked for Goodguys Rod & Custom Association for the last 11 years as the sponsorship director. Currently, I'm in charge of all sales at Goodguys as the sales director.

I have built many show cars over the years that have been at SEMA as well as other car show around the country. I drove IMCA Modified for several years on dirt and asphalt, raced in the Silver State Race an open road race in Nevada, ran more than 200 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats and drag raced in a nine-second class.

I have been part of the HRIA Select Committee since 2006 and enjoy being part of our industry. Current projects are a 1970 RS Camaro, 1969 SS Camaro and a 1966 Fastback Mustang. I have been a supporter of the youth involvement with our industry for many years and hope to continue this support through my HRIA involvement.

Brian Downard – Lokar Performance
I have been working in the automotive industry since 1984 where I got my start in my father’s shop, Downard’s Automotive Specialties. After graduating from Kent State University, I went to work with Summit Racing in their tech department. I later worked with SLP Performance Parts, Mickey Thompson Tires and Stainless Works in sales and marketing. Currently, I am vice president of sales and marketing for one of the premier names in our industry, Lokar Inc.

Why Me for HRIA:

Government regulation (e.g. registering show vehicles) and electronic communication are key areas that we need to address as an industry. We need to reach out to the “elder statesmen” and use the knowledge and enthusiasm they have to help us grow our youth. There is no doubt in my mind that with my organizational skills, passion for this industry and my diverse background will benefit for HRIA, our members and our industry. I am honored that I have been nominated and would find it a sincere privilege to serve our industry.

Kerry Hopperstad – Hopperstad Customs, INCUMBENT
As an HRIA Select Committee member, I’m very dedicated to this industry, professionally and personally.
I started my hot rod shop in 1968 and have worked in the industry for the last 39 years. I would like to continue to serve on the Select Committee.

• Lifetime member of NSRA
• Served as State Safety Inspector for 12 years
• Serving as state representative for the past eight years
• Goodguys Member
• Member of SEMA and HRIA for the last eight years
• Participated in the HRIA Youth Awareness Program since its inception

Jeff Major – Bed Wood and Parts
Jeffrey D. Major will bring the same passion to the HRIA Select Committee he has utilized in taking Bed Wood and Parts from a start-up to a niche leader, creating product and manufacturing innovations for trucks, hot rods and customs. He is interested in cultivating and assisting with the continued promotion of the aftermarket with a specific emphasis on the hot rod hobby. It is this drive and desire that have led him to pursue an extended career in the hot rod industry, with his company Bed Wood and Parts and as a HRIA Select Committee member he can diligently work for the current and future generations of enthusiasts. Major is part businessman and part hobbyist providing an objective outlook derived from his varied experience both within and outside of the industry.

Kevin McClelland – K&N Engineering
I am honored that I’ve been nominated by my peers to run for a seat on the Hot Rod Industry Alliance Select Committee. With more than 30 years experience in the performance aftermarket, ranging from research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and business ownership, I believe that I can provide unique input that will be of value to this committee. I have been a technical writer for Chevy High Performance magazine for more than 17 years, featuring the vehicles and model years that this committee represents. Hot rodding, and the companies and products that support it, plays an important role in mine and my family’s participation in various forms of motorsports. If I’m fortunate enough to be elected, I will give the position the same passion that I’ve given this industry for more than three decades.

John McLeod – Classic Instruments, INCUMBENT
Hello, My name is John McLeod and I am the owner of Classic Instruments in Boyne City, Michigan. We manufacture instruments for the hot-rod industry, we also have a custom fabrication shop that builds one-off instruments for customers.

I have been on the HRIA committee since the 2006 term and have enjoyed working with the Select Committee. I truly feel the last year has been the most productive year we have had, with huge strides in youth awareness, which has been my focus since day one.

I have been in charge of the HRIA membership in the past and have been moved to chair the Vehicle Task Force for the SEMA show. In addition to continuing our efforts on youth awareness and education, I would like our group to focus on getting membership to join us in our open meetings, as I feel this is how we truly can get to hear what the memberships’ wants and needs are and they can get to meet us and get a better understanding of how the SEMA system works. This will help everyone understand the true benefits of being a member, and the committee will become more effective.

John Menzler – Comp Performance Group, INCUMBENT

Member of HRIA since 11/14/2002

STATEMENT: I have worked in the industry for more than 40 years as a rep, manufacturer, builder and warehouse distributor. I believe I have a good understanding of the hot-rod industry and the hobby. Giving back to the industry through councils can be very daunting task, but I find it to be extremely rewarding. I am asking you for your vote to allow me to continue to be your voice within SEMA and the HRIA Council.


  • SEMA Member
  • NHRA Member
  • HRIA Select Committee member and active participant
  • Served on the MPMC Select Committee
  • Founding Member of the MPMC.
  • Served as Chairman on the MPMC committee
  • Currently HRIA Education Workshops Subcommittee Chairman
  • Successfully grew the HRIA Education Day program held at the Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show to 40 presenters and more than 1,500 attendees.
  • 2009 SEMA Rep Agency of the Year Task Force Member
Janeen Webb – Source Interlink, INCUMBENT
My name is Janeen Webb, I am currently on the HRIA Select Committee and running for re-election. I once again would appreciate your vote on the upcoming ballot for HRIA. I have been in the automotive industry for more than 22 years in the publishing sector. Many of these years have been focused in the street rod and hot rod industry. As an advertising executive for Source Interlink Media, I have worked hand-in-hand with many manufacturers, distributors, retailers and associations alike. Throughout the years I have seen our industry grow and change to new heights and overcome many obstacles. I would like to do my part again and serve on the HRIA committee again.