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TIA and SEMA Address Questions on New Global Tire Expo at SEMA Show

TIA/SEMA Global Tire Expo
The Tire Industry Association and SEMA have partnered to launch the Global Tire Expo at the 2010 SEMA Show.

SEMA and the Tire Industry Association (TIA) have joined to launch the Global Tire Expo–Powered by TIA, a tire industry component of the SEMA Show open to all sectors of the tire industry, including automotive, commercial, re-treading, recycling and more.

Located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Global Tire Expo will feature unique branding, entrances and color schemes to highlight tire manufacturer exhibitors. The Expo will include a welcome reception, expanded educational sessions, a networking event and an industry recognition program.

To answer the most common questions from tire industry professionals, TIA and SEMA collaborated on the following Q&A:

Q: What is the Global Tire Expo–Powered by TIA?

It’s a component of the 2010 SEMA Show, November 1-5, in Las Vegas, designed exclusively for the tire industry. Only businesses in the tire industry are permitted to exhibit in the Global Tire Expo.

Q: Is the Global Tire Expo open to other segments of the tire industry besides automotive?

Yes. The new Global Tire Expo is open to all segments of the tire industry, including exhibitors in the commercial, recycling, OTR, and retread segments (this also includes all tire industry-affiliated companies). The Global Tire Expo has been created to be the tire industry event of the year, for all of the tire industry.

Q: How will the new Global Tire Expo differ from the previous Tires, Wheels & Equipment section of the SEMA Show?

In addition to being open to all segments of the tire industry, it will be set in a unique location of the South Hall, highlighting tire manufacturer booths with dedicated branding, entrance units and color schemes. Wheel exhibitors and all other non-tire industry exhibitors will remain outside of the Expo.

Q: Where within the SEMA Show will the Global Tire Expo be located?

The Global Tire Expo will be located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Q: Can non-tire industry exhibitors exhibit in the Global Tire Expo?


Q: Can tire industry exhibitors take space elsewhere in the SEMA Show?

Tire exhibitors must exhibit in the GTE and cannot randomly choose another section.

Q: I’d like to exhibit at the Global Tire Expo, but I’m concerned about the cost. Is there any assistance in helping me bring down the cost of exhibiting?

Yes. All Expo exhibitors are eligible to receive a one-on-one audit of their Show plans, which could help you save up to 20% on the total cost of exhibition. Coupled with hotel rates starting at a remarkable $39 per night, this makes exhibiting at the Global Tire Expo a cost-effective endeavor. Expo exhibitors are also encouraged to participate in the upcoming SEMA Exhibitor Summit, May 25-27, in Las Vegas, where exhibitors will learn ways to cut costs and maximize their ROI. To learn more and to register, follow this link.

Q: You list the Global Tire Expo as starting November 1, while the SEMA Show opens November 2. Which date is correct?

Both are. The TIA special events—such as the welcome reception, networking event and Tire Industry Honors—take place November 1. The SEMA Show starts November 2.

Q: Is TIA making adjustments to their educational offerings at the Global Tire Expo?

Yes. TIA is expanding beyond the successful “Tires at 2” educational session track by offering “TPMS at 10” and “Management at 4.” As the session track titles show, each day participants will be able to attend educational sessions that don't simply cover the same topics you've heard dozens of times before. These are sessions you'll want to attend, given by the top experts in the world.

Q: I want to buy booth space in the Global Tire Expo, What do I need to do?

Go to, or call Convexx at 702/450-7662, ext. 120.

Q: I want to attend. What do I need to do?

Go to and click on “Register for the Show,” or call 866/229-3687.

Q: I want to purchase tickets to TIA’s special events. What do I need to do?

Go to, go to “Events,” and click on the “Global Tire Expo” tab. Or call 800/876-8372.

Q: Are there special hotel rates for SEMA Show attendees/exhibitors? How do I secure a hotel room?

Yes, special hotel rates are available. Go to the SEMA Show Housing Bureau website or call 800/967-8852.

Q: I’d like to sponsor one of TIA’s special events. How do I do this?

Contact Megan Walsh at, or call 800/876-8372, ext. 112.