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Recovery or Relapse? Exclusive Free SEMA Webinar to Examine Current Economy and the Automotive Industry


Tim Nash
Dr. Timothy Nash's SEMA webinar will examine oil price fulctuation and the economic crisis' impact on the aftermarket.

Jobs, oil prices, housing, health care: they’re all tied to the national and the global economy, and their state of flux has played havoc with the automakers and specialty-equipment businesses alike. So where do we stand now? Is the industry pulling out of its tailspin, or lurching toward another stall?

Join noted economic expert Dr. Timothy Nash of Northwood University for a revealing look at the root causes of the financial crisis and a comprehensive overview of current conditions. Dr. Nash will provide special emphasis on the dramatic fluctuation in oil prices and the impact of today’s economic conditions on the automotive aftermarket.

An associate professor of economics and business, as well as economics and public policy at the DeVos Graduate School, Nash has co-authored three books and conducted research and consulting for Fortune 500 companies like GM, and organizations including UAW/PEL and the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association.

His writing and interviews have appeared in The Detroit News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New Jersey Star-Ledger and Harvard University Press.

Nash will present the SEMA webinar “State of the Global and U.S. Economy: An Automotive Industry Perspective," Thursday, March 11, at 10:00 a.m. (PST). Listeners can participate in the live presentation or download the webinar for later review. Visit to register. Remember, SEMA webinars are free to SEMA members and only $29 for non-members.