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Use SEMA Buying Power to Save Big on Shipping and Freight


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  The SEMA Freight Savings Program leverages collective purchasing power into bulk shipping savings for member companies.

SEMA members looking to secure substantial discounts on inbound and outbound deliveries can now sign up for the SEMA Freight-Savings Program online at

Siriani and Associates, managers of the SEMA Freight Savings Plan, has overhauled its website and added new features and tools, including a density calculator, NMFC classification requests and USPS zip code locator.

In addition, members who are already enrolled in the Freight-Savings Plan will be able to track packages, request rate quotes and follow all the latest shipping news.

The SEMA Freight-Savings Program uses the collective strength of the association’s membership to secure substantial discounts with a number of carriers. Whether you ship freight on a regular basis or receive an occasional delivery, the program helps members save a significant amount of money on shipping.

The SEMA Freight-Savings Program is just one of many SEMA-member benefits. For more information on available benefits, contact Monica Terlouw at 909/396-0289.