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Movers & Shakers: Nick Craw Named Grand Marshal of Spec Racer Ford Celebration; Edelbrock Details Rev’ved Up 4 Kidz Car Show

Past president of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Nick Craw will serve as the Grand Marshal of the 25th Anniversary Spec Racer Ford Celebration event weekend April 9–11, at Road Atlanta. Craw served as SCCA president for 17 years. Currently, Craw serves the motorsports community as the head of the Automobile Competition Club of the United States (ACCUS) representing American racing interests on the international scene. For more information on the 25th Anniversary Celebration Event, visit

Edelbrock and the Center for Learning Unlimited have once again teamed up in support of helping children with learning disabilities to present the 5th Annual Rev'ved Up 4 Kidz VIP gala charity auction and car show, April 24–25. The weekend kicks off with a gala dinner and charity auction on Saturday evening at “Vic’s Garage” hosted by event organizer Christi Edelbrock. Sunday, Edelbrock hosts the Rev'ved Up 4 Kidz Car Show where all makes and models are welcome. Interested participants can pre-register at Cost for car entry participation is $40 (advance) or $45 (day of show). A special VIP area is also available in front of the main stage for a $100 entry fee. Show hours are 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m., and space is limited. Spectator entry is free, however, $5 donations will be accepted and appreciated. Vendor space is available and vendors are welcomed.

Meyer Distributing added a new cross dock in Nashville that will act as a key location for the company’s distribution network. Meyer will provide route delivery to the Nashville metro area, Clarksville, Columbia and greater Tennessee from the new location.

The Association of Diesel Specialists Guadalajara regional event is set for May 19–23, at the Camino Real Hotel in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The event showcases technical training courses and new technologies regarding fuel-injection systems. Attendees will also have the chance to explore the packed exhibit hall for the latest products and resources available to them. For more information, contact Virginia Morett or David Fehling.

Skyjacker is offering a $35 consumer rebate on all Skyjacker HYDRO H7000 Series and NITRO N8000 Series Shocks and Leveling kits. Unlike similar promotions, the rebate does not require the dealer to fill out any paperwork. Dealers simply sell the product, and the consumer and Skyjacker handle the rebate portion of the transaction. Skyjacker is running full-color ads in many of the nationwide off-road magazines and online sites to steer consumers into your shop for this rebate. The promotion runs from March 1–May 31. For more information, visit

Continental Tire North America announced a name change that better reflects the growth of the tire maker in both North and South America. Previously known as Continental Tire North America, the new name for the passenger and light-truck and commercial vehicle tire divisions in the region is now Continental Tire the Americas LLC. One of the key actions in 2009 that led to the decision to modify the name was the acquisition of a leading passenger, light-truck and commercial tire company in Latin America, Compañia Ecuatoriana del Caucho S.A. (ERCO).

RCH Designs announced the opening of its “Studio Garage,” a white room that is 25-ft. long and 35-ft. wide with a custom silk ceiling baffle. The studio has lighting options for video and still photography. The studio currently offers the use of basic tools and machinery (air compressor and air tools, work bench, cordless power tools, wrenches, sockets, etc). More information is available from RCH Designs.

Fear This Inc., a non-profit organization that provides safe-driver education to teens, has incorporated five exercises in its program that teach drivers to think and react quickly. Based on the Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC) undergone at all levels of law enforcement, Fear This Inc., founded by Woodrow Gaines, employs the Teen Vehicle Operation Course taught by peace officers and certified EVOC instructors. For more information, visit

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