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How Google AdWords Lead to Real Results for Your Site

Tools for Internet marketing are indispensible in today’s electronically-connected world, and Google AdWords are near the top of the list for driving traffic to websites. AdWords deliver pre-qualified buyers to websites that offer products they’re already seeking. With AdWords, the ad appears only in response to an active Google search, but the advertiser doesn’t pay unless the visitor clicks through on the ad.

As good as that sounds, it still takes a targeted ad to actually catch the consumer’s eye. Building that ad is the topic of a SEMA webinar on Thursday, February 11, at 10:00 a.m. (PST). “How to Profit from Google AdWords” offers unique advice about how to use this marketing tool to your best advantage and includes topics such as:
  • How to structure an ad campaign to produce real results
  • Free and low-cost tools that can help anyone plan and evaluate a campaign
  • How to measure results
  • The differences between broad match, phrase and exact match—and guidelines for their use
  • How to identify and use negative keywords
  • How to improve poorly performing words, groups or campaigns
  • How to see what your competitors are doing
  • How to hire the right people to provide advice and deliver competent help
Presenter Perry Marshall of Perry Marshall & Associates is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords and is the most quoted authority in the world on the subject of Google advertising. His company consults for both online and brick-and-mortar businesses on generating sales leads, web traffic and maximizing advertising results, and he has published hundreds of articles on sales, marketing and technology.

Participate live in this eye-opening session or download the webinar for later review. Simply visit to register and gain the benefit of this priceless information—free to SEMA members and only $29 for non-members.