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Turn Objections Into Opportunity and Close More Sales

Dealing with customer attitudes in a selling situation can be the biggest challenge for new and experienced sales people alike. How you deal with customer objections will often determine whether you close the sale or lose it. Great sales people know that handling objections effectively is a critical step in the sales process. They also know it's a skill that anyone can learn.

Solid product knowledge is critical for success in selling. But product knowledge alone won’t make you an expert sales person. That’s why we developed “Understanding Customer Attitudes: How to Handle Sales Objections," a new one-hour course in the In-GEAR sales series. You’ll learn to identify different types of customer attitudes and objections. And through expert examples and demonstrations, you’ll practice effective techniques to answer different customer objections and close more sales!

The "How to Handle Sales Objections" course is a must for those new to sales. It's also a great review for experienced sales pros. Designed by professional educators and sales experts, this course provides straight-forward techniques, examples, tips and tools that will help you confidently manage customer attitudes and objections—the key to sales excellence.

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