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SEMA's Warranty Assurance Program Prepares for National Rollout

Opportunity. Diversity. Confidence. Products. Those are a few of the keys that lock in the continuing partnership between the automakers, the vehicle dealerships and SEMA-member companies. Giving consumers the right vehicles with their preferred options is what each arm of the distribution chain strives for.

One huge chunk of that process is accessory-friendly vehicles—cars and trucks that are designed from the get-go to encourage owner personalization. A driver's experience with a car or truck skyrockets when he or she can equip it to suit personal wants and needs. When that owner can buy a vehicle and select from a vast array of specialty-equipment accessories and have them professionally installed with complete confidence, another sales channel opens.

ProPledge opens that channel.    

Read more about ProPledge in the December issue of SEMA News.