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A Conversation With the SEMA Chairman and the PWA President-Elect

The Specialty Equipment Market Association was established in 1963. It serves the industry with market research, as a legislative watchdog, as an educational outlet and as an advocate for the opening of international markets. Its membership has grown to include more than 7,300 companies, including manufacturers, WDs, jobbers, and retailers serving every automotive niche.

The Performance Warehouse Association (PWA) was founded in 1971 with goals very similar to those of SEMA. PWA's membership includes specialty automotive parts wholesalers who have banded together to deal with management, financial and legislative issues.

Each of the associations either has just installed or is about to install new leadership. Rick Rollins has assumed the chairmanship of the SEMA Board of Directors, and Donnie Eatherly will take the reins of PWA as its new president beginning in January. Both are industry veterans who share the unique perspective of years of volunteer experience in both associations.

Recently, SEMA News had the opportunity to speak with the two executives about how SEMA and PWA might work together.