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Master Hot Internet Tools and Build Profits—Free!

Every modern company must know how to utilize Internet resources in order to be competitive. Enthusiasts and general consumers alike use online automotive communities—forums and discussion boards—as their shopping guides for price, quality and convenience. “Tips for Maximizing Sales and Marketing ROI Within Online Automotive Communities”— a free SEMA webinar to be broadcast on November 19, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.—provides the inside secrets about how to gain new customers and further build your business.

This online presentation, complete with visual and audio components, provides practical tips on how to succeed and what to avoid. In only the last three years, forum traffic has grown exponentially as buyers look for reliable, objective sources of information. These communities are rich with consumer-generated content, leading members to interact with each other and share their knowledge, experiences and opinions. Enterprising marketers and vendors can exploit this frontier to build their brands and revenue.

But what do you need to do to get started? What does it take to succeed? Who is doing a good job at it?

Join Jason Bauer of VerticalScope and Justin Choi of Cie Studios as they share the secrets for success in this exciting new channel, including topics such as:
  • Traditional advertising vs. interactive online community participation
  • Building your community marketing plan by knowing the benefits and setting your priorities
  • Top 10 tips for successful sales and marketing
  • Doing it right through real-life examples
  • Rules of the road for steering clear of marketing missteps 
  • Supporting your plan with staffing and other resources
  • Growing your returns by moving from basic to advanced community marketing
  • What to expect in the next three years
You may participate live or download the webinar when it’s convenient. Simply visit to register to take advantage of this profit-making opportunity—free to SEMA members and only $29 for non-members.