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Government Report: Wheels, Suspension, Exhaust and ICE Most Popular Mods in Sweden

 Volvo Rally
 Swedish auto enthusiasts gravitate towards wheels, suspension and exhaust mods when customizing their cars, not surprising in a country with a proud rally heritage.

A brief report on the automotive aftermarket in Sweden, authored by the U.S. Commercial Service in Stockholm, is now available. The report notes that the Swedish market of about 9 million people has an estimated 4.3 million registered passenger cars—about one car for every 2.2 people.

The report touches on the popularity of car customizing, noting that European and Japanese models are among the vehicles modified most often. The report also identifies tires and wheels, lowering kits, audio equipment and exhaust systems among the most popular upgrades.

Classic cars also have a large following, with the Swedish Federation of Historic Vehicle Clubs estimating 250,000–300,000 historic vehicle enthusiasts in Sweden. 

To obtain a copy of this report, contact Yvonne Wang.