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WD-40 SEMA Cares Charity Camaro Comes Together

WD-40 SEMA Cares Camaro
The WD-40 SEMA Cares Camaro features Pedders supension, Katzkin interior and Eclipse A/V system. It will debut at the 2009 SEMA Show and later be auctioned for charity at Barrett-Jackson.
WD-40 SEMA Cares Camaro

The WD-40 SEMA Cares Camaro now features a powerful, high-performance entertainment system, thanks to Eclipse, which uses WD-40 as a lubricant and corrosion inhibitor to maintain its industrial equipment.

With two sets of 6.5-inch Point Source component speakers, a digital subwoofer, 4-channel amplifier and two 7-inch widescreen, high-resolution video monitors from Eclipse, the listening experience inside the vehicle will be more vivid and lifelike, and the viewing experience will match the power and performance of the Camaro.

Additionally, the vehicle now features a comfortable, custom leather interior and logo embroidery by Katzkin, who designed a custom solution for the WD-40 SEMA Cares Camaro that matched the street racer exterior.

The WD-40 SEMA Cares Camaro also has a new look and improved handling with its new SportsRyder Extreme Adjustable Coilover system from Pedders USA.

Pedders inserted a high-density urethane replacement into the OEM hydraulic bushing to restrict movement of the radius arms under steering, braking and acceleration. Once the black struts were removed, the Pedders red coilovers were installed.

With the rear strut assembly burst apart, a hole was drilled for the cable adjuster to pass through, then the vehicle was aligned with a more aggressive stance.

The WD-40 SEMA Cares Camaro, a modern version of the classic American pony car, will be unveiled at the 2009 SEMA Show and later auctioned off at the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Show and Auction in January to benefit Childhelp and the Victory Junction Gang Camp children's charities.