Global Update

Expand Your Reach Into South America

A journalist from Pisteros magazine, an enthusiast publication in Argentina, is traveling to Los Angeles in April and is interested in interviewing SEMA members about innovative new products. He will also be arranging photo shoots of products and project vehicles for both Pisteros magazine as well as a Spanish-language publication in the United States—Automundo Magazine.

For more information, contact Linda Spencer, SEMA’s international director, at

European cars are quite popular in Argentina with the Fiat Palio, Peugeot 206, Renault Clio and VW Golf and Fox among the most popular cars to modify.

Two Argentinean journalists, Paulo Di Renzo of Maxi Tuning/Maxi Audio and Alex Saligari of Pisteros, selected a total of 20 products (listed below with their commentary on why they selected these products) from the more than 1,500 products in the New Products Showcase at the 2008 SEMA Show which they believe will have the best chance of success in Argentina.

Mobile Suitcase Display, Auto Meter Products
“Interesting product presentation based on a versatile commercial proposal. Variety of models and ranges exhibited with clarity and simplicity.”

American Muscle Gauge Series, Auto Meter Products
“Product of great adaptability for classic cars and hot rods. Exquisite design and notable quality of completion, endorsed by a prestige marque.”

Multi Pro R2, Eibach Springs Inc.
“A specialistic marque that does not stop surprising us with its products. Of great reputation in Argentina, Eibach is synonymous with innovation and experience.”

Jack-Rack, Jack-Rack
“Pickups are the allies of heavy work in the Argentine fields. This product turns out to be very useful to distribute loads and increase the volume of the load.”

Competitor Series Mopar Throttle Assembly, Lokar Performance Products
“Quality of completion and design with the seal of one of the most prestigious companies. Ideal for a sport machine of long ago.”

Steering Wheel Y, Shutt Auto
“Shutt is a very well-known marque in Argentina. Their products always are well-received and are appraised in the majority of professional cars. The chromed details are an exclusive extra feature.”

G-Tech/Pro EGS, Tesla Electronics Inc.
“An efficient and very useful tool for those who look to operate at maximum aptitude at the track. Innovative, versatile and with the endorsement of a reputable company.”

Rattle Tracker, Thomas Automotive Industries
“A work tool that mechanics will adore. Technology is very well received when daily work can be more exact and simple.”

RangeFinderPro, TVK Industries Inc.
“Fascinating. An exquisite gearshift as much at the aesthetic level as at the functional level.”

3D Letter, Young Sung USA
“An accessory of great popularity that is always welcome. The possibility of combining letters and symbols is an added value."