Global Update

Exporting Chemicals, Lubes, Sealants to Europe? Read Here First

Businesses exporting chemicals to the European Union (EU) are being advised to provide documentation stating that they comply with registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals (REACH) regulations, following several instances at Dutch and Belgian ports when cargo ships were stopped for documentation of compliance with REACH.

While REACH is primarily aimed at chemical producers, manufacturers of a wide range of non-chemical products and components for these products are also often affected. Manufacturers of fluids, lubricants, sealers or products containing these chemicals that export to the EU are required to register these products in a central database.

If they are not registered, the substance cannot be produced in or imported to the EU. For example, products that release chemical substances in the disposal of the product (e.g., auto parts) are also covered. 

During the first phase of implementation, manufacturers producing 1,000 tons or more annually are required to register. Any such chemicals will need to be registered in a central database.

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