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The "Fast-Track Product Development with 3-D Design Technology" webinar, presented by Oscar Muñoz, SEMA vehicle product data manager, was designed to introduce SEMA engineers to 3-D/CAD Technology, which allows them to create a more efficient design, engineering and manufacturing process.

"Once you start using the CAD application, the design process is really simplified," said Muñoz. "The technology is very intuitive now. There is no reason to stay away from it and relatively, the cost is not so great to prevent you from getting started in CAD."

The webinar presented an overview of the CAD systems, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

Features of the CAD system allow:

  • Product-failure prediction   

  • Predict buckling and collapse

  • Heating and cooling simulation

  • Simulate drop test and impact

  • Nonlinear dynamics 

  • Simulate loading effects

  • Simulate plastic parts

  • Fluid-flow simulation

  • Machining code – tool-path simulation

With the CAD systems, the design process is simplified through tools that make product manufacturing and product engineering more efficient, which can extend into other business functions such as marketing and sales.

For a full audio or PDF download of the webinar, click here.

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