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Last Thursday’s webinar, “Highly Effective Low-Cost Marketing Strategies,” communicated that a company does not have to make huge investments in order to reap big rewards.

Presenter Debbie Allen, a Certified Public Speaking Professional, advised companies that they should never stop marketing, despite any tough times. 

"The problem is that when people cut costs, they cut their marketing and then they cut the stream of more prospects coming to them," said Allen. "So cutting advertising costs is not effective for you."

Instead, she revealed that free exposure can be gained both on and off the web by participating in expert articles and by getting involved in social media and blogs. Allen also encouraged members to apply for awards and speak at events in order to showcase their expertise.

For an audio or PDF download of the webinar, click here.

Next Webinar

Log on to SEMA's webinar on Thursday, August 14, to hear the how to's of inventory management: how to increase the turn rate for the sale of your merchandise, determine how much inventory you need in your business every year and evaluate the amount of cash needed to purchase new inventory. Presented by Tom Shay, this meaningful and timely session will help you develop a strategy for ways to make more money on your inventory.

Title: Inventory Management: Mark It Down, Move it Out & Make More Money
When: Thursday, August 14, 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. (PDT)
Presenter: Tom Shay, Profits+Plus

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