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Do you have a question for SEMA? Want to know more about the association’s strategic direction, or the status on health insurance for trade associations? Maybe you have a question for one of SEMA’s departments, such as the Research and Information Center or OEM Relations. Perhaps you have a more specific question for a SEMA executive.

If so, we want to hear from you. And we’ve made it pretty straightforward: Send your question to and we’ll do the rest. We'll get your question to the appropriate department or individual, and run both the question and answer in an upcoming issue of eNews. Questions and feedback will also run in SEMA News magazine.

Responses will appear in the order in which questions are received. We can't guarantee that all questions will run, but we’ll do our best. Editors reserve the right to edit for clarity and brevity.  

So if you have a question related to SEMA’s direction, operations, trade events or a more specific query, e-mail your name, company name and the question to Be sure to include “Ask SEMA” in the subject line.