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The SEMA webinar “Use Online Testing for Higher Profits/Lower Costs - Test the Effectiveness of Your Online Marketing” featured several tips designed to test the elements of your marketing strategy to identify what doesn’t work before your company wastes resources for undesirable results.

Presenter Brian Offenberger of BizGrowth Search Engine Solutions says that testing is important and allows you to generate the maximum amount of return on the minimum amount invested. “Testing will help you learn what your customer wants, but more importantly, it is also an effective way to learn what customers are willing to pay for.”

One effective and simple tactic to use when evaluating your online marketing is A/B or split testing, where one variable is tested to discover what works the best (i.e., black or blue font in a headline). 

He suggests to begin testing the aspects of your marketing directly impact you bottom line. The most common elements to test are:

  • Ad Copy
  • Promotional Offers
  • Landing-Page Design
  • E-mail Marketing Messaging and Subject Lines

“It is very important that you test your ad copy,” says Offenberger. I worked for clients where all we did was change one word of the ad copy. That one word change resulted in a 3000% better response.” 

The webinar expands the types of testing beyond one variable to include tactics for multivariate approach, the testing of multiple combinations of elements. The entire audio and Power Point presentation is available for download by clicking here.

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