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During last week's SEMA webinar, "Beginner's Guide to High Search Engine Rankings," presenter Brian Offenberger of BizGrowth Search Engine Solutions covered advanced marketing techniques that help drive customers to your website. 

Offenberger says that an effective way to drive traffic to your website is to create inbound links (your link on another website that drives potential customers to your website). To identify websites that may be potential candidates to host a link to your site, he suggests using Yahoo! or Google Alerts, which are available for free.

“Google and Yahoo will track activity, not only on the keywords you provide, but for any word that you tell them, and will search the Internet and alert you immediately when your keywords appear on the web,” said Offenberger. "You will find out who is writing and commenting about your company online; these are great candidates for permanent links.”

Offenberger suggests that your keywords include your company name, as well as brand names and significant keywords related to your business type. 

Check out the other tips offered by Offenberger by downloading the audio presentation available by clicking here. Just click on the link on the right-hand side of the page under the Last Webinar heading.

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