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During the SEMA webinar "Beginner's Guide to High Search Engine Rankings," presenter Brian Offenberger of BizGrowth Search Engine Solutions provided a wealth of tips that yield high search-engine rankings for company websites. Offenberger says that one of the more effective ways to get customers to your website is by having as many incoming links (your website link on outside webpages) as possible.

To make it enticing for others to link to your page, Offenberger suggests having content on your page that others want. Examples he provided include:

  • Articles: Write an article about something interesting, newsworthy, controversial, or just something with information that is rare or from a knowledgeable perspective.
  • Blog: Writing a blog can create links from other people who like your post and link to it. Participating in other people's blogs can ensure that they know about you and your site, and they may link to you with a live link.
  • Photos: Networking events, visually or emotionally stimulating
  • Videos: Instructional videos, poor performances from "American Idol"—videos can turn into the next Internet hit, producing thousands of links.
  • Applications: Write an application, web based or not, and if it's a useful tool, people will link to it.

"Beginner's Guide to High Search Engine Rankings" provided participants with the key ingredients needed to generate web traffic and covered the basics of structuring a website to achieve high search rankings. To download a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation for this webinar, or to check out upcoming webinar sessions, visit

May 15 Webinar

Also, mark your calendar for May 15 when Offenberger will present “Use Online Testing for Higher Profits/Lower Costs—Test the Effectiveness of Your Online Marketing.” This session will highlight the advanced practices needed to obtain high natural search-engine rankings in Google and the marketing techniques to help prospects easily find your website.

This SEMA webinar will cover the essentials of:

  • Low-cost/no-cost market testing for businesses of all sizes, both in online and offline marketing efforts
  • FREE tools businesses can use for do-it-yourself testing programs
  • How to inexpensively and effectively conduct a valid test
  • Fatal mistakes to avoid when testing
  • How to make testing work for you

SEMA Webinar: “Use Online Testing for Higher Profits/Lower Costs—Test the Effectiveness of Your Online Marketing”
Thursday, May 15, 2008, 10:00 a.m. (PST)

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