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Elite sales professionals know the tactics needed to establish credibility and how to deliver on high expectations while maintaining profitable relationships with customers. The pros know how to provide customers with reasons to buy now, one of the biggest challenges in sales.

To learn the tips the pros use, tune in to "Dale Carnegie's How to Sell Like a Pro! Part 1." The webinar session will teach you what the pros know and provide you with techniques that can be put to use immediately.

Dale Carnegie's How to Sell Like a Pro! Part 1

When: Thursday, March 20

Speaker: Richard Bonar, Dale Carnegie

What You'll Learn

  • Communicate value from the buyer's perspective
  • Use the same sales structure the pros use
  • Make any prospect want to buy from you
  • Establish credibility quickly and easily
  • Take control of conversations while keeping prospects engaged

How to Participate 

  • Click here to attend the live webcast the day of the webinar. NOTE: If you have not yet updated your Microsoft Live Meeting client on your computer, you may be prompted to do so before you can proceed to viewing the webinar through the link above. When prompted, please hit "Accept, Install, and Join" and then "Run". You can view the screenshot here.

  • Download the presentation PDF (will be available several days before the webinar).

  • Connect to the audio portion of the webinar by calling toll-free 866/637-2754, pin 1542.

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