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SEMA members are encouraged to tune into SEMA's next webinar, "Analyzing the Income Statement: The Nuts and Bolts," on Thursday, March 6, (10:00 a.m. PST) to learn how to use income statements to manage and determine the financial health of your business.  

The income statement is one of the most important management tools to help you determine your business' financial success or lack thereof. It's a vital device for reading a business' financial tea leaves. For most managers and owners it’s a “score card” of the operational efforts they are responsible for during any one given period of time, such as a month, three months or one year. A solid understanding of what the financial statement is, what it includes, how to read it and use it is essential to your ongoing success.

  • Learn the basic income statement structure.
  • Understand the different elements of the income statement and their relationships to each other.
  • Discover how net profit is affected by sales, gross profit and expenses.
  • Learn three effective methods for income-statement analysis.

How to Participate

  • Click here to attend the live webcast the day of the webinar. NOTE: If you have not yet updated your Microsoft Live Meeting client on your computer, you may be prompted to do so before you can proceed to viewing the webinar through the link above. When prompted, please hit "Accept, Install, and Join" and then "Run." You can view the screenshot here.

  • Download the presentation PDF (will be available several days before the webinar).

  • Connect to the audio portion of the webinar by calling toll-free 866/637-2754, pin 1542.

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