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Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned 100 years of case law related to the agreement to set minimum retail or resale prices. SEMA-member companies need to stay aware of the recent developments on antitrust laws related to minimum advertised pricing (MAP) programs and other pricing issues. SEMA has several resources available to help members learn the legal and practical significance of these decisions and how it can affect their retail business.

The latest webinar session covering MAP programs and the recent developments in the related antitrust laws will be available online at within the next week. The session addresses the following regarding MAP programs:

  • What are the antitrust laws related to set retail pricing?
  • What are the legal decisions on minimum advertise pricing (MAP)?
  • How can these antitrust laws affect your retail business?

Get Familiar With MAP
Discover the fundamental elements of MAP programs by accessing the previously conducted webinar, "MAP Programs: How to Influence Product Prices Legally Through Minimum Advertised Pricing." Presented by Barbara Sicalides of the Law Offices of Pepper Hamilton LLP, the session can be accessed below.

  • To download the audio and video portion of the webinar, click here.
  • To download the PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file, click here.

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