Global Update


The German government has updated its guidelines regarding aerodynamic parts. For the first time, German testing agencies are expected to approve products affixed to the outside of a vehicle only if they comply with the EC pedestrian protection requirements. This is a significant expansion of the EC pedestrian protection laws passed in 2003 which cover only the original car and therefore are requirements solely of vehicle manufacturers. These guidelines, while they don’t have the force of law, will likely be treated as such by the testing agencies and extend way beyond the intent of the European Union. 

Known as VdTÜV Specification Data Sheet MB FZMO 744 Testing of External Vehicle Parts on Class M1 and N1 Motor Vehicles Revision 03.2005, the guideline notes that spoilers, bumpers, hoods, and tailgates, as well as air deflectors attached thereto, and front and rear skirts and similar parts would be required to provide proof of compliance with Directive 2003/102/EC as part of their type approval.

German specialty-equipment associations are seeking to have this partially or fully repealed. Specialty-equipment companies have estimated that the cost for testing a single part for a single vehicle model can cost more than 11,000 euro ($15,968 USD).

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