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Studies show that nearly 50% of all American workers feel overwhelmed by a growing number of job tasks, longer working hours and high stress levels in the workplace that can lead to job burnout, resulting in lower productivity. Discover how you can effectively manage stress and improve overall productivity in today’s demanding work environment by tuning into "Managing Workplace Stress," a SEMA webinar scheduled for Thursday, January 31, 10:00 a.m.

Presenter Kathleen Barton, MBA, founder of The Success Connection, will provide you with stress-management tips and relaxation techniques that can be applied immediately to your job and your life.

How to Participate in This Webinar
On the day of the webinar:

  • View the presentation during the webinar by clicking here.
  • Connect to an audio phone-only portion of the webinar by calling toll-free 866/637-2754, pin 1542.

Upcoming Webinar: The Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) and What You Need to Know About It
Also, mark your calendar for our February 15 webinar, "PIES: What You Need to Know." No matter what side of the supply chain your company serves, keeping the flow of information moving is key to limiting paperwork, securing more business and lowering costs across the board. Synchronizing your data to an industry standard is the first step to making your data work for you.

SEMA endorses and uses the Aftermarket “PIES” product data standards. The Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) is the best practice for the management and exchange of a tremendous variety of product-attribute information in the automotive aftermarket industry. Following an industry standard is the first step towards global data synchronization with trading partners, and this will yield increased sales, shorter new-product introduction cycles and lower operating costs. Presented by Ed Heon, CEO, DATAgility Inc., this webinar will cover the benefits of PIES and the steps needed to take your business to the next level.

Need More Info?
The driving force behind the association's goal of data synchronization in the industry is the SEMA Business Technology Committee. The BTC's mission is to help members adopt widely accepted industry data standards. This is accomplished by educating members through various SEMA outlets, including webinars, seminars, editorials, digital forums and articles. To access the tools you need to get started, click here.

SEMA's Webinar Program
The SEMA webinar program brings the world-class business seminars featured during the SEMA Show Education Week right to your desktop. Different business-building sessions are constantly being added to the program, offering members the latest insight and practices from today’s leading speakers. All SEMA webinars are conducted live and are open to all employees of SEMA-member companies free of charge. To participate, all you need is a computer with Internet access and a telephone.

All previously conducted SEMA webinars are available to download anytime by clicking here. To view upcoming presentations that you can attend via the telephone and Internet, click here.

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