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A white paper describing the findings of Phase I of the SEMA Data Pool Pilot Program, facilitating the synchronization of standardized product information in industry-standard formats between a group of SEMA manufacturers and their warehouse distributor trading partners, has been published at

Phase I of the program acquired product-data requirements from a small number of warehouse distributors (aka receivers) via a survey and assisted a group of parts suppliers (aka manufacturers) to gather, cleanse and format their product information in a standardized format. Upon completion of that step, product data between the two was compared and synchronized utilizing the services of a broad group of aftermarket data-service companies.

Among the findings of the study:

  • Data requirements were acquired and compared from four of the top warehouse distributors in the industry and a set of required product data fields was developed.
  • The product information of six of the manufacturers was validated to the accepted industry standard.
  • Three of the six manufacturers validated their application data.
  • Five instances of complete product information synchronization between suppliers and distributors were accomplished.
  • A number of necessary changes to the standards have been identified and suggested to the standard's body.

For more information on the SEMA Data Pool Pilot Program, contact Alan Dicker at