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Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (CPMR)

The Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (CPMR) program offered by the Manufacturers’ Representative Educational Research Foundation (MRERF) provides executive management education for manufacturers’ representatives. The program is primarily geared toward firm owners, managers and future owners and managers facing management challenges or preparing to manage a firm. No matter the size of the company, the program will deliver the management skills needed to make a business excel.

CPMR Program Objectives

  • Raise the standards of professional field sales organizations throughout the  industry
  • Promote certified members as professionals so that they are recognized at both public and private levels as leaders in their fields
  • Encourage self-assessment of members by offering guidelines for achievement
  • Convey that ethical conduct should be an integral component of being a performance-oriented member
  • Improve performance through continuing education and professional development programs
  • Instill members with knowledge of and commitment to the highest principles and practices

Certified Sales Professional

The MRERF also offers sales training and certification through the organization’s Certified Sales Professional (CSP) program. The CSP marks a sales professional as possessing expert sales competencies and a thorough commitment to professional development and self-improvement. The CSP program provides a comprehensive curriculum outlining the consultative sales process.

CSP Program Curriculum

  • Understanding and Managing Yourself
    - Personality Traits for Sales Success
  • The Selling Process
    - The Art of Influencing Buying Decisions
  • Keeping Customers and Building Business
    - Strategic Territory Planning

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