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CSK Auto Corp. reported that it completed all of its previously delinquent periodic SEC filings and is now current in its financial reporting. In addition, CSK Auto entered into a third amendment to its term credit agreement, increasing the leverage ratios for the third and fourth quarters of fiscal 2007, as well as the first and second quarters of fiscal 2008, in order to minimize the possibility that it will be unable to comply with the leverage ratio covenants for these periods.

LKQ Corp. completed its acquisition of Keystone Automotive Industries Inc., making Keystone a wholly owned subsidiary of LKQ Corp. Keystone stockholders will receive $48 in cash for each Keystone share they held prior to the closing. Upon completion of the merger, Ronald Foster, former chairman of the board of Keystone, and Rick Keister, former president and chief executive officer of Keystone, were appointed to LKQ's board of directors. Information about LKQ is available at

On behalf of Edelbrock Corp. and in honor of his late father, Vic Edelbrock Jr. announced that Travis Miller is the recipient of the fourth annual Vic Edelbrock Sr. Memorial Scholarship. Edelbrock presented the award to Travis in September at the Laramie, Wyoming, campus of WyoTech. Miller plans to use the $5,500 scholarship as a way to further his education through WyoTech's high-performance engine class as well as expand his curriculum into other areas that will help him set the stage as a future small-business owner of his own performance vehicle shop.


Longtime tire industry executive Keith Jarman announced that he has founded AME International, a manufacturer of automotive maintenance equipment and tire-changing tools. The company is located in Brooksville, Florida, and sells products to the automotive aftermarket. Jarman was formerly the vice president of Florida-based ESCO.

The Marx Group announced that it sponsored the 12th Annual “Stepping Out to Celebrate Life” Gala Fundraiser at the Marin Center Exhibit Hall in San Rafael, California. The event is one of three annual fundraisers that support the To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit volunteer organization. The Marx Group donated $4,000 to the organization, which grants funds to San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit organizations that help people who are dealing with breast cancer or who have breast health concerns.

The Busted Knuckle Garage, (TBKG) a brand of Almost There! Inc., a unique gift shop for car lovers and bikers, named Media Management Marketing to handle its PR initiatives. “We have created a huge retail demand for our unique products”, said president and founder Warren Tracy. “Since 80% of our buyers are women looking for gift ideas for their husbands, brothers, dads and male friends, we want to target our exposure to that market. Terry Kohl, president of Media Management Marketing, came highly recommended [and] we feel she is fully capable of helping us move into a new realm of success.”