Global Update


The majority of early-registered international buyers for the 2007 SEMA Show are from wholesale and distributor-type businesses. Other business categories with a high number of registered international attendees for the show include Accessories & Installation Centers, Auto Parts Retailers and Automobile Dealerships.

The large number of registrations from international wholesalers and distributors is an increase from 2006, when Accessories & Installation Centers and Auto Parts Retailers tied as the top business segments from which international attendees reported they belonged to.

For the second consecutive year, Accessories was the leading product category that most international buyers reported an interest in, with nearly 60% reporting interest in the category in 2005 and 2006. Other product categories of interest to registered attendees include Tires & Wheels, Performance Parts & Equipment, Safety Equipment, Engines/Engine parts and Truck Parts & Accessories.

International attendance at the SEMA Show has increased nearly 30% since 2004 and nearly one out of every five attendees at the 2006 Show came from outside the United States. The majority of international buyers attending the 2006 Show came from businesses that had been in existence for over 11 years, 66% reported annual sales of over $5 million, and 80% said they did at least some wholesale business.