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The new Dodge Ram will arrive next summer to a healthy Ram parts and accessories market, adding appeal to an already hotly anticipated model change.

Between May 8-June 6, Ram enthusiasts spent $1,584,100 (rounded to the nearest hundred) on parts and accessories for the iconic truck, according to data from Terapeak, a developer of market-focused research software that monitors online sales and auctions.

Lighting products recorded the highest overall sales, with taillights, headlights, and fog/driving lights leading the category that accounted for $161,400 of overall sales.

Air intake systems – primarily cold air induction kits, the bulk of them for the Cummins 5.9-liter diesel – were the most popular items in a category that did $113,200 in overall sales. Contributing to that number were throttle bodies, spacers, fuel pumps, and so-called vortex generators and magnetic clamps for fuel lines that purport to increase fuel efficiency.

Interior parts and accessories rounded out the top three categories, with dash kits, overlays and bevels leading the $88,900 category. Floor mat-type products, including fullsize cab carpet kits, and rubber and embroidered mats followed, with trim pieces like sill plates and headliners coming in third.

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