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Even if Chrysler faces an uncertain future with its new owner, the market for Chrysler specialty-equipment parts is plenty healthy.

Between April 19-May 18, Chrysler enthusiasts spent $1,017,530 on specialty parts via online auction, according to data from Terapeak, a developer of market-focused research software that monitors online sales and auctions.

Exterior goods, lighting and lamps, and interior components (in that order) proved the most popular categories
with Chrysler – not only Mopar – fans, the three categories alone generating $451,687.

Grilles, moldings and trim, and mirrors were the most sold exterior items – grilles alone accounting for $102,853, most of them for the 300C – while headlights, taillights and Xenon lamps comprised the lighting category’s most coveted items.

The most popular interior items include floor mats and carpets, trim pieces, and switches and controls.

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