The WTC named Gary Ruede of Discount Tire, Tyson Boyer of Dill Air Controls, and Cathy Skula of RimTyme Custom Wheels as the latest WTC spotlight volunteers.  
Learn about each of them below and read their Q&A’s with SEMA to hear their unique stories of how they got started in the industry, and how volunteering for the WTC has impacted them personally and professionally.

Gary Ruede, Product and Quality Management Technologist, Discount Tire
Having started his career with the company at age 17, Ruede says educating yourself on your product as well as its advantages and disadvantages is key for anyone looking to begin a career in the wheel and tire segment.

Read his Q&A with SEMA

Tyson Boyer, Director of Sales, Key Accounts, Dill Air Controls
As the current chair of the WTC, Boyer has been instrumental in facilitating and executing many WTC programs focused on educational solutions and unique networking opportunities.

Read his Q&A with SEMA

Cathy Skula, Executive Vice President, RimTyme Custom Wheels
Skula’s advice to those pursuing a career in the industry: “It's okay not to be an expert in every possible aspect of wheels and tires. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming, so give it time and you will become more and more confident.”

Read her Q&A with SEMA

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