If you are installing tire and wheel packages and/or altering the ride height of a late-model-year vehicle, the new “SEMA | I-CAR ADAS Baseline” resource is something every WTC member should consider.

Available through the SEMA Tech Transfer homepage, the resource is a collaborative effort between SEMA Garage and I-CAR. The database is filled with information and can be searched by year/make/model for ADAS system locations, calibration requirements, diagnosis and more.

ADAS is rapidly becoming more common and in many cases is standard equipment on most OEM vehicles. The complexity comes due to the variety of systems, a new list of growing nomenclature, and a deeper learning curve to understand what happens when you alter the ride height, add a brush guard or aftermarket grill that may impact the functionality of these systems.

Secondly, it is a great tool to assist with qualifying the vehicle before accepting or performing modifications on today’s newest vehicles. Knowing the possible impacts ahead of time will help you make the best decisions to ensure safe and accurate service repairs as well as help your journey at being the leading professional in your marketplace.

The WTC praises the work of I-CAR, an international non-profit organization, and the SEMA Garage Team as they continue to focus on ADAS education and resources.

To learn more, visit this recently published article from SEMA eNews.

For additional ADAS information, visit the Vehicle Technology section of the SEMA Garage website.