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SEMA Tech Transfer Expands: Access to I-CAR’s ADAS Database Now Available

Luis Morales

“ADAS” is a buzz word that is currently traveling through the automotive aftermarket industry, which refers to vehicle safety systems, such as automatic emergency braking. Today, a vast majority of late-model vehicles are equipped with Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) as a standard option, which leads some aftermarket product manufacturers to the question—“Will these systems continue to properly function, after the vehicle has been modified?”

In order to pave the solution to that question, we are bringing in a new resource called the “SEMA | I-CAR ADAS Baseline.” Thanks to the folks at I-CAR, we can now grant SEMA Tech Transfer Members direct access into the RTS Portal, which is I-CAR’s ADAS information database.

Direct access into this portal is via the Tech Transfer website and there is a reason why we did this—SEMA manufactures who are part of this program are currently designing direct-fit products, based on OEM CAD data. Granting these members direct access to the portal, will provide them with some ADAS knowledge which can be taken into consideration when designing new aftermarket products.

From inside of the Tech Transfer homepage, they will be able to click on the I-CAR button, which will redirect them into the RTS portal. Once there, they can make their way into the “OEM Calibration Requirements,” where they can search specific vehicles by:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year

Which provides users with the following vehicle information:

  • On-board OEM ADAS Options
  • System Locations
  • Standardized Names
  • Calibration Requirements

It’s important to note that this is an educational tool. This is not the overall answer to the proposed question, but it is the initial path to a solution. Recalibration for these systems is vehicle-specific and can vary from static to dynamic procedures.

For additional ADAS information, visit the Vehicle Technology section of the SEMA Garage website.

I-CAR is an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing information, knowledge, and skills required to perform safe, complete and quality repairs. The Repairability Technical Support (RTS) Portal is a hub, containing information on the latest vehicle technology trends, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) information, and Calibration Requirements. Most importantly, RTS provides vehicle specific on-board OEM ADAS information, describing the different systems, general location and diagnosis.