SBN’s recent webinar on Asserting Yourself in the Workplace featured an impressive panel of industry leaders sharing personal stories and tips for achieving understanding and respect in difficult work situations.

Featuring Mike Spagnola, VP of OEM & product development at SEMA; Karen Salvaggio, owner and editor at Thunder Valley Racing; Sara Morosan, owner of LGE-CTS Motorsports; and Sherry Kollien, former technology liaison at Ford; the panel addressed when to avoid situations, how to best handle situations in public, and tips for following up after an uncomfortable encounter.

“Keep it together – but there’s nothing wrong with going home and letting it out [and] having someone to vent to after, and really bounce what happened off on someone else because you can get emotionally charged,” shared Kollien. “There’s also nothing wrong with going in the bathroom and crying it out and coming back – it’s okay […] get through it, but don’t let your emotions get to you.”  

“Whatever is it you’re doing, be the best at it, and your work and your performance will shine,” added Salvaggio. “On the assertive side, know that you have standing, be calm, be honest, and always be direct.”

Now available on demand, the video provides simple-yet-effective strategies that SBN members can apply when being assertive in the workplace. This webinar was a part of the “Sharpen Your Soft Skills, powered by SBN” SEMA Virtual Education webinar series. View the recording of the webinar here.

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