With a goal of providing restylers, technicians, and installers a unique opportunity to receive expert product training direct from accessory manufacturers, PRO held its second-annual Installer Training and General Membership Meeting last month. The event connected members from around the Plainwell, Michigan, area with specialists from Katzkin, Llumar, Brandmotion, Voxx and Champion Auto Systems for in-depth, hands-on instruction.

"It was a great event," said Hannah Coulter, Automotion Customs Inc. "Being so young and able to connect with veteran members to learn from was incredible. It was wonderful to meet with manufacturers and learn from those who have succeeded in the industry."

In addition to training sessions, presenting manufacturers met with participants in a casual environment and shared important details about specific products. Local restylers learned and discovered different ways of working with dealers.

"The event was well organized with great participation by the manufacturers," added Jay Ehret, Pickup Outfitters.

Check out the photos below, and keep up to date on the latest news and events by visiting PRO at www.sema.org/pro.


PRO Installer Training PRO Installer Training
PRO Installer Training PRO Installer Training