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HRIA Member Spotlight: Kustom Built Cars Educational Workshop


HRIA named Kustom Built Cars Educational Workshop as this week's member spotlight company. Get to know the company in SEMA's interview with business manager Shelby Robison.

SEMA: Tell us the story of your shop. How did you start?
Shelby Robison: Kustom Built Cars Educational Workshop is a nonprofit program that teaches valuable skills to students out of high school by rebuilding a classic vehicle from start to finish. Our five-month workshop gives students hands-on training, which includes disassembly, basic suspension work, color sanding, rust repair, basic engine rebuilding, assembly, metal work, basic welding, electrical wiring, body work, basic fabrication and painting. Through training and mentorship and by creating a hands-on experience, this workshop aims to inspire the next generation to acquire the knowledge and skills in the automotive restoration and preservation industry. For more information, you can visit our webpage at or email us at We are also on social media, so follow us for some awesome builds!

SEMA: What was your breakthrough moment?
SR: Kustom Built Cars Educational Workshop teaches all the basic skills of restoration and gets students into the workplace in the automotive industry after finishing the program in five months. So far 100 percent of our students are now in the automotive industry after completing our workshop! The students' build is then showcased at SEMA, accompanied by all the student builders. Kustom Built Cars also has a booth at Barrett Jackson, where the project build is displayed and the students get to talk about their experience building it. The project build is then auctioned off, and the proceeds come back into the program for the new build and scholarships. We have given $164,100 in scholarships for students to learn classic car restoration. Kustom Built Cars Educational Workshop takes pride in small class sizes, hands-on training and building awesome projects.

SEMA: Tell us about your business now and what projects are you working on?
SR: Kustom Built Cars Educational Workshop students will be building/customizing a 1954 Chevy 3100 from start to finish. We hope to showcase it at the SEMA Show in November.

SEMA: Tell us about a build you are proud of.
SR: Each build is special to us, as we have new students and builds every year. So far, we have built a 1953 Chevy 3100 and a 1951 Ford F1; both were amazing builds.

SEMA: What advice do you have for young professionals contemplating a career in the automotive aftermarket?
SR: There is so much to learn in the automotive industry and you never stop learning. Taking workshops or classes helps you find what you are interested in so you can further your education and whatever path you choose to take. Always be the best at what you do so you stand out among others.

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