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HRIA Member Spotlight: Hot-Rod Chavik USA


HRIA named Hot-Rod Chavik as this the council's newest member spotlight company. Get to know their business in the SEMA News interview with company owner Daisy Chavik below. 

SEMA News: Tell us the story of your shop. How did you start?  
Daisy Chavik: Hot-Rod Chavik USA is a family-owned business that was established in Czechia, Europe, in 2003 and expanded to the USA in 2017 with a focus on time-period-correct restoration and fabrication, creating vehicles from scratch, including engineering, design, custom fabrication, old-school coachbuilding, race cars recreation, parts recreation and fabrication. We provide our clients with full professional assistance during the whole process of fabrication and restoration to make their journey smooth. Our motto is "Keeping Hot-Rod Culture and Tradition Alive." Our company has been awarded multiple times, and our products are guaranteed of quality. 

SN: What makes your business stand out? 
DC: Our whole approach to custom and restoration work and the quality of work.  

SN: Tell us about your business in 2023 and what you're focused on.  
DC: Hot-Rod Chavik USA is coming out with new patents on suspension parts, as well as coach-built projects such as a concept car, a '49 Buick Roadster and full custom '32 Ford roadster. We're also focused on a full custom fabrication and restoration project--a '63 Toyota FJ 43 that should leave the Hot-Rod Chavik shop this year.

Our '62 Corvette project for the Automotive Petersen Museum was challenging. The Corvette was delivered in unfinished work quality with upgrade ideas. Lots of custom fabrication was involved, and the project was finished as a race car. 

SN: Tell us about a project you are proud of. 
DC: Hot-Rod Chavik USA is proud of a time-period correct full recreation of a '33 Buick IndyCar that was awarded many times in car shows and concourses. The Buick IndyCar was also nominated in England for an Octane Award-Bespoken Car of the Year. Multiple articles were published in magazines such as HagertyOctaneHot RodLinkage and so on. 

Another successful project is a '32 Ford roadster for our clients Lyle and Lauralee Sharpen. Their fully custom-restored burgundy Roadster by Chavik earned more than 55 awards and was featured in magazines. The Ford roadster was also used as an advertising graphic template for different car shows and T-shirts, and we are proud and happy for our satisfied clients. Small projects are also amazing. Helping car guys move forward with their project builds is great. 

SN: What advice do you have for young professionals contemplating a career in the automotive aftermarket?
DC: There are no limits. By falling down, you are becoming stronger. Never give up and stand up again over and over; success is not free! Believe in God and be honest if you want to set up your business on a strong base. Follow your dreams!

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