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Member Spotlight: Classic Recreations Specializes in Shelby-Licensed Mustangs


The Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) named Classic Recreations as the council's newest spotlight member. Get to know how this car builder rose to prominence in the industry with the SEMA News interview with Classic Recreations' Operations Manager Sean Swayer below.  

SEMA News: Tell us the story of your business. How did you start? 
Classic Recreations Operations Manager Sean Sawyer: Classic Recreations started 18 years ago in Oklahoma City. The current ownership purchased it in 2020, one week before COVID shut the world down. After purchase, the new owner relocated the company to Flower Mound, Texas, and centralized it into one large facility. 
The owners have spent the last three years dealing with COVID-related manufacturing delays while turning the company into a modern manufacturing business. 

SN: Tell us about your business now and the projects that you are working on. 
SS: We are known for our Shelby Licensed Carbon Fiber-bodied '67 and '68 Mustangs, many supercharged. We also build Ford Licensed Boss 429 and Mach 1 recreations, as well as '65 and '66 Shelby GT350CR models. 

SN: Tell us about a particular project, product or build you are proud of. 
SS: We are currently building the prototype for the 60th Anniversary Shelby Cobra on a full race chassis and Carbon fiber body. We plan to build 10 of them. 

SN: What advice do you have for young professionals contemplating a career in the automotive restoration segment? 
SS: In addition to learning your trade, get an education in business. This industry is populated by small businesses, and there are too many owners that have talent for the work but not talent for the business. 

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