• Founded in 1963, the Specialty Equipment Market Association is a trade association dedicated to helping companies within the automotive specialty-equipment industry.
  • SEMA is the authoritative source for research, data, trends and market growth information for the automotive specialty-equipment industry.
  • Automotive specialty-equipment products are defined as those that allow drivers to personalize and enhance their vehicle's appearance, performance, comfort, convenience, safety and fun.
  • The history of the automotive aftermarket industry dates back to the 1950s, when hot rod and racing hobbies were just beginning. The industry has since grown into what is now estimated to be a $31.85 billion industry.
  • SEMA is governed by a board of directors who volunteer their time to lead and guide the association. A professional staff is responsible for the day-to-day execution of the programs and services.


Membership Profile


  • SEMA has 7,144 member companies, all manufacturing, selling, distributing and marketing automotive specialty-equipment parts and accessories.
  • The typical SEMA member company is a small to midsize business, with an owner entering the industry as an enthusiast whose passion led to a career.
  • SEMA membership complements their existing staff by providing free education, training, research, legislative advocacy, international outreach, as well as group discounts on insurance, shipping and more.


Industry Profile


  • Vehicle personalization is growing around the world. In 2007, more than 275 products from the SEMA Show were honored with a Global Media Award and professionals from more than 100 countries attended the SEMA Show.
  • The automotive aftermarket industry is one chalked full of innovators. SEMA members are constantly designing and developing hot, new products. In fact, more than 1,500 new products consistently debut at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas each year.
  • The aftermarket industry is composed of several smaller niche markets: light trucks, racing, off-road, restoration, street performance, restyling, street rod and custom, compact performance, and others that are typically electronics or high-tech in nature.


SEMA Member Resources & Support


  • SEMA's Technology Transfer Program, Measuring Sessions and Project Vehicle Programs enable members to get firsthand information about new vehicles from automakers, so SEMA-member companies can bring top-quality products and accessories to market faster and more successfully.
  • SEMA's International Outreach helps members identify export opportunities and work through the maze of legal and cultural issues involved in doing business in foreign countries. SEMA maintains international offices in key strategic markets.
  • SEMA's Government Affairs staff in Washington, D.C. keeps close tabs on legislative and regulatory issues at the state and federal levels, and alerts members to pending bills or regulations affecting any part of the automotive specialty-equipment industry. The SEMA Action Network (SAN), a national grassroots group comprised of car clubs and individual hobbyists, has been extremely effective in defeating harmful (and supporting favorable) legislation and regulations.
  • SEMA's Technical Support staff offers members free assistance on such matters as California Air Resources Board (CARB) parts certification, new vehicle technology and electronic data interchange (EDI).
  • SEMA's Market Research and Information department provides market studies and information on trends in the industry, and offers members access to a vast supply of industry-related data and publications. The department also publishes an annual SEMA Market Study and other topic-specific research and information reports.
  • SEMA's Editorial Department produces publications to inform and educate its members and the industry-at-large. These include SEMA News, a monthly industry magazine and SEMA eNews, a weekly electronic newsletter filled with timely news and information. The annual SEMA Membership Directory is also an invaluable reference.
  • SEMA's Consumer Website, www.enjoythedrive.com, educates automotive specialty equipment consumers, on behalf of its members, on how they can accessorize their vehicles to match individual lifestyle needs.
  • SEMA's Education Department provides continuing education and management training to members and manages the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund, which helps students pursuing careers in the specialty-equipment market. The Intern Program at the SEMA Show provides aspiring automotive specialty-equipment professionals a practical, feet-on-the-ground experience at the industry's largest trade show.
  • SEMA's Council and Committee structure lets members work on joint programs to enhance their niche-market business and overcome challenges and obstacles to the growth of those businesses.
  • SEMA's Trade and Business-to-Business Events, in addition to the annual SEMA Show, include PAACE Automechanika in Mexico.

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