Policy Position

From 2016 through 2022, SEMA advocated for the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act, a bipartisan bill designed to protect Americans' rights to modify street vehicles – cars, trucks, and motorcycles – into racing vehicles. The RPM Act was introduced in response to an EPA proposed rulemaking and policy statement that modifying the emissions system of any motor vehicle converted into a dedicated racecar is illegal. The RPM Act, as drafted by the bill sponsors in coordination with SEMA, would have clarified in federal law that it is legal to make emissions-related changes to convert a street-legal vehicle into a dedicated, track-use-only racing vehicle.

Despite the strong bipartisan support that the RPM Act enjoyed, some of the key congressional negotiators were only willing to pass a watered-down version of the bill that would have placed unreasonable burdens on racers and motorsports parts businesses. In short, the proposed text was a significant departure from the bill's original intent and was not in the best interests of the racing community. SEMA has high standards and is unwilling to sacrifice its principles and support legislation that didn't help racers or the businesses that make motorsports possible.

SEMA will continue to advocate for the racing community and will work to identify ways to protect racers who modify street vehicles into racecars.


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