Policy Position

SEMA is the hub of automotive innovation, with multiple member companies that operate in the aftermarket space through innovative carbon neutral technology. Our membership runs the gamut—from companies producing technology that allows internal combustion engines to be fueled by zero-emissions hydrogen while still having the rumble and performance of a traditional engine to electric vehicle conversion products that turn classic internal combustion engine cars into modern electronic vehicles. Every year since 2019, this cutting-edge work is more and more prominently featured at the SEMA Show.

SEMA supports legislation that helps to build up and cultivate this ecosystem of innovation. For example, SEMA is sponsoring a California bill that provides a rebate of up to $4,000 for those who convert an existing internal-combustion car or truck to an EV. This type of rebate would both foster new technology and help the state meet its lofty environmental goals.

For decades, aftermarket innovations have bred safety advancements and created agility and efficiency in how vehicles are powered. With industry and legislative support, the technology that SEMA's member companies are engineering will eventually be part of the vehicles consumers buy from their dealerships.


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For California residents, click here to send a letter to your local lawmaker to let them know you support the $4,000 rebate for those who convert an existing internal-combustion car or truck to an EV.