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Their future is our future

The SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund relies on industry support to further its goal of engaging students in the aftermarket industry. Every year SEMA helps students pay for their college tuition and SEMA Members pay off their student loans. Students from all academic and technical disciplines that lead careers in the automotive industry are welcome to apply.

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"The work we are doing is incredibly important—SEMA scholarships are an investment in our future employees, business owners and lifelong customers—and our success depends on a lot of SEMA members being aware of and engaging with the program and our students. Donations—no matter how small—are welcome. To attract a large base of support we are challenging everyone in the industry to contribute something affordable, just five dollars. That is why we hope you can find $5 for our future."


- Kim Pendergast, CEO of Magnuson Products LLC, SEMA Scholarship Committee Chair

Laurel Dasher, Immediate Past-Chair

Paramount Data Management GmbH

Mike Malloy, Member

Turn 14 Distribution, Inc.

Brian Massingill, Member

SAM Tech

Nathan Ridnouer, Staff Liaison


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If you have any questions or need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at semaeducation@sema.org or by calling us at 1-909-378-4862.