Thu, 03/04/2021 - 16:01

By Ashley Reyes

Matthew BoiceThe pandemic seems to have accelerated the online streaming market, with videos available on demand and catering to any lifestyle or interest group. Get a firsthand perspective about the changing landscape of media and trends in direct-to-consumer, subscription-based media streaming services during the SEMA Facebook Live Chat featuring Matthew Boice, vice president of sales for the automotive aftermarket, at MotorTrend Group—a Discovery Communications Company—March 10, at 12:00 p.m. (PST). Live Chats are open Q&As that make it possible for the industry to tap into knowledge and communicate directly with the featured guest.

Boice, who brings 15 years of experience in print and digital media, has a unique perspective, and has seen firsthand how the media landscape has evolved. He will discuss and field questions on trends in streaming services, including how the cable distribution model continues to be disrupted by the pandemic, and how consumers are offered choices to platforms that cater to their specific interests. As these offerings continue to increase, understanding this trend can help individuals make better business decisions.

Boice was named the SEMA Young Executives Network Vanguard Award recipient in 2019, served as co-chair of the SEMA Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN), was President’s Club member of the SEMA Political Action Committee and participated as a member of the SEMA Show Committee.

Location: SEMA Association Facebook page.

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 14:02

By SEMA Editors

Students from all academic and technical disciplines who lead to
careers in the automotive industry are invited to apply for a SEMA
scholarship. Similarly, all individuals who work for a SEMA-member
company (with more than $2,000 outstanding student loans) are
eligible to apply for loan forgiveness.

Every year, SEMA helps students pay for their college tuition through the SEMA Scholarship Program, and SEMA members pay off their student loans through the SEMA Loan Forgiveness Program. Students from all academic and technical disciplines who lead to careers in the automotive industry are invited to apply for a SEMA scholarship. Similarly, all individuals who work for a SEMA-member company (with more than $2,000 outstanding student loans) are eligible to apply for loan forgiveness. This year, the SEMA Scholarship and Loan Forgiveness applications officially closed March 1, with another great collection of aspiring young automotive professionals.

SEMA believes that it is important to include the automotive aftermarket industry in the application review and selection process to help foster the next generation. Becoming a SEMA scholarship judge is a fantastic volunteer opportunity to give back to the industry and connect to the next generation of up-and-coming automotive talent. The entire evaluation process is online and easy to use, and a variety of time commitment options are available to fit the schedule that works best for you.

Judging will begin April 5, and continue until May 14. To learn more, visit SEMA Scholarship Judge Application, or contact Byron Bergmann, SEMA project manager, member services at 909-378-4859, or

Click here to begin your SEMA Scholarship Judge application.

To learn more about the SEMA Scholarship and Loan Forgiveness program, visit

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 13:35

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

SEMA and the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) have formed a coalition in partnership with 17 organizations that represent recreation, sports and amusement live venues that have experienced significant revenue declines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The coalition is focused on creating a federal program to provide grants to racetracks and other live entertainment businesses impacted by state and local attendance restrictions during the pandemic. The coalition has formally submitted a letter to the U.S. House and Senate Small Business Committee to request the creation of a $15 billion grant program that would provide a lifeline to racetracks and other live entertainment businesses.

It is important that members of Congress hear from SEMA members about providing financial support to racetracks. To send a letter to your lawmakers in Washington, D.C., please click here.

For details, contact Eric Snyder at

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 13:31

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

SEMA-supported legislation was recently introduced in Congress that would provide tax credits to cover 50% of the expenses associated with exhibiting or attending a trade show. The Hospitality and Commerce Job Recovery Act of 2021 (H.R.1346/S.477) is significant to businesses that participate in trade shows and the millions of men and women employed in the tourism industry. The legislation would also provide comprehensive relief and recovery measures for the entertainment, travel, and hospitality industries and convention centers.

It is important that members of Congress hear from SEMA members about providing tax credits to businesses that participate in trade shows. To send a letter to your lawmakers in Washington, D.C., please click here.

Key provisions of the Hospitality and Commerce Job Recovery Act of 2021:

  • Establish a tax credit for 50% of the cost of attending or exhibiting at a convention, business meeting, or trade show in the United States between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2024.
  • Create a tax credit equal to 100% of the qualified restart costs paid or incurred to reopen facilities designed for conventions, business meetings, or trade shows if the facility was forced to temporarily close or reduce operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Costs may include any renovation, remediation, personal protective equipment, cleaning, testing or labor to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Extends the Employee Retention Tax Credit from July 1, 2021, through January 1, 2022.
  • Restores the Entertainment Business Expense Deduction by repealing for 2021 and 2022.
  • Establishes a tax credit for restaurants or food service businesses that would cover any cost associated with reopening or increasing service at an establishment forced to temporarily close or reduce operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The credit would be effective between the date of enactment and December 31, 2022.
  • Creates a tax credit for 50% of qualified travel expenses for individuals up to a maximum of $1,500 per household plus $500 for each qualifying child (maximum benefit of $3,000 for a family of five). The credit begins phasing out for individuals making more than $75,000 per year ($150,000 for married couples).
  • Provides a temporary credit for unmerchantable inventory costs for small businesses that were lost due to necessary precautions to halt public gatherings.

For details, contact Eric Snyder at

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 13:24

By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

SEMA filed an amicus brief in a lawsuit between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Gear Box Z. Inc. (GBZ) arguing against EPA’s contention that the Clean Air Act (CAA) does not allow a motor vehicle to be converted into a racing vehicle used solely for competition. The EPA first pursued this controversial interpretation of the CAA as part of a 2015 draft rulemaking, but it quickly withdrew the provision following a huge, SEMA-led public outcry. In the GBZ litigation, however, the EPA again maintains that once a vehicle has been certified as a street vehicle, it cannot be converted into a racing vehicle even if that vehicle is trailered to the track and is never driven on public roads.

In its brief, SEMA argues that the Clean Air Act does not apply to certified vehicles used exclusively on the track. SEMA states that “the agency’s interpretation breaks from the plain language of the CAA, the legislative history, and EPA’s regulations and guidance.” SEMA notes that the EPA’s position contradicts its longstanding guidance and regulations and has previously stated that it “has no interest in vehicles that begin their existence as normal, EPA-certified production vehicles used on public roads and are then permanently converted to sanctioned competition-use only vehicles.”

In response to the EPA’s efforts to regulate race parts, members of Congress introduced SEMA-sponsored legislation to confirm what had already been understood for the previous 45 years, that the Clean Air Act did not apply to vehicles modified for racing use only. The “Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act” (RPM Act) is bipartisan legislation to clarify that it is legal to make emissions-related changes to a street vehicle for the purpose of converting it into a dedicated race car. It also confirms that it is legal to produce, market and install racing equipment. SEMA continues to work tirelessly to pass this important legislation to counter EPA overreach.

The GBZ case is before the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona. The Court has agreed to take up the issue after the EPA has responded to SEMA’s amicus brief. SEMA will continue to fight the EPA’s flawed interpretation in court while urging the U.S. Congress to end the debate by enacting the RPM Act.

Ask Congress to pass the RPM Act.

Click here for a copy of SEMA’s amicus brief. 

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 13:12

By Ashley Reyes

Virtual EducationSEMA Education remains committed to empowering industry professionals by sharing innovative strategies, information and learnings through new and engaging webinars.

Mark your calendars for the following upcoming webinars and stay tuned to SEMA eNews as additional sessions are announced throughout the year. For a comprehensive library of on-demand sessions that members can access anytime, visit

Wednesday, March 10–Facebook Live Chat Featuring Matthew Boice, presented by SEMA YEN
Track: Industry Talks

Having started his career in print and now working at the MotorTrend Group, a Discovery Communications company, Matthew Boice will discuss and field questions on direct-to-consumer, subscription-based streaming services. He brings firsthand insight about the cable distribution model and the increase in platforms catering to consumers’ specific interest. All SEMA members will benefit from learning about the changing media landscape.

Location: SEMA Association Facebook page

Wednesday, March 17–Facebook Live Chat Featuring Donna Wagner, presented by SEMA PRO
Track: Industry Talks

With 30 years’ aftermarket experience in various roles from association executive to supplier marketing and educator, Donna Wagner will discuss and answer questions live on “Filling Your Technician Pipeline: What Your Company Can Do to Help Fill Open Positions.” While skilled technicians is at an all-time low, Wagner will explain why it’s important to actively engage with local automotive tech programs and share tips on how to connect easily and productively.

Location: SEMA Association Facebook page

Thursday, March 18–4 Tips to Double Your Company’s Annual Sales
Track: Marketing & Sales

Whether you’re a CEO, manufacturer or in sales and marketing, knowing how to increase your customer base, the total number of purchases per customer, as well as their average order value through data-driven decisions are vital for growing a business. You’ll walk away from this session with strategies that will change the way you think about your business along with effective methods to double your annual sales. This seminar will guide you to bring maximum value to your company and your customers.

Register here.

Tuesday, March 23–Asserting Yourself in the Workplace  
Track: Industry Segments, powered by SEMA Councils and Networks
Series: Sharpen Your Soft Skills, powered by SBN

Learn how to be assertive in difficult work situations, best practices for dealing with situations in public, and how to follow up after an uncomfortable encounter. You’ll hear from a panel of industry professionals as they share personal stories, and you will have an opportunity to participate in a breakout that will allow you to put what you learned into action.

Register here.

Wednesday, March 24–Turning Great Ideas Into Strategies to Produce Real Results
Track: Business Management

Ideas are great, but without a well thought-out strategy and plan, the results will be dismal. A comprehensive strategy, however, can be time-consuming. Find out what the 30-minute strategy is all about and how it can turn your ideas into real results during this webinar.

Register here.

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By Ashley Reyes

Tyson BoyerThe SEMA Wheel and Tire Council (WTC) named Tyson Boyer as this week’s WTC spotlight volunteer. Boyer is the director of sales, key accounts at Dill Air Controls and the current chair of the WTC.

As WTC chair, Boyer helps facilitate and execute many of the WTC programs that deliver educational solutions and provide unique networking opportunities to its members. It is through his leadership and working closely with WTC task force volunteers that the council is able to address the educational, technical and communications needs of various companies in the wheel and tire segment of the automotive aftermarket.

SEMA: What led you to obtaining a career in the wheel and tire industry?

Tyson Boyer: My entry into automotive was a temporary one- to two-month plan during a career transition period. With only a 12th-grade education behind me at that time, I struggled to find a role to match where my mind thought I could be. After a couple of months with a Chicagoland Auto/Tire Retailer (Cassidy), my commitment and desire to succeed was recognized, then rewarded with further opportunities. The Cassidy family also provided flexibility that helped me attend night classes, which I am very thankful for. It allowed me to obtain an MBA while applying my learnings on both sides. As a few years went on and my network started developing, the pieces continued to fit correctly for me and my family.

SEMA: How has being a WTC volunteer or member impacted your professional career?

TB: Volunteering with SEMA and the WTC continues to impact me personally, as well as professionally. Sometimes we forget about the personal wins, like meeting outstanding industry experts with brilliant personalities that you may have never encountered. They want to share experiences, milestones, family events and war stories that highlight reality in our fast-paced world.

Professionally, volunteering continues to provide paths for education, experiences and exploration within the wheel/tire segment. Learning or hearing about new content on topical areas that I felt I was well versed in is a reminder to not assume, rather keep rising and swim forward for more. Most importantly, the networking and relationships are a new level of energy that reinforces the value of volunteering and humbling balance it can provide in life and in my career.

SEMA: What advice do you have for someone pursuing a career in the wheel and tire segment?

TB: Meet new people at all levels when possible, grow your career network and embrace the many relationships onward. Always ask when a question is on your mind, become involved in a volunteer association when the time is right, and listen to those not just in your circle but in the outer/unknown circle, too.
Remember, you make the choices. So if you have a dream or passion, pursue it because you can.

And feel free to reach out to any select committee member on the WTC. We want you to stake your career marker in this awesome segment!

SEMA: Where can we find you on a Saturday?

TB: You can find me with my family hanging out, playing games, kicking the soccer ball, hiking/camping, or just chilling; pondering the many wonders of life while enjoying as much time with them as possible.  

Of course, if you ask them, I frequently build things for hours on end.

Fill out a WTC spotlight application to share how you or your company are contributing to the wheel and tire segment of the automotive aftermarket. Selected candidates have the opportunity to be featured on SEMA eNews, social media, and WTC member updates.

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 11:21

By Ashley Reyes

SBNSEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) members and women in the industry are invited to join in on a virtual wine tasting and networking event on March 11, at 5:00 p.m. (PST).

Reserved specifically for women in the industry, the event provides participants with an opportunity to connect with long-time friends and new colleagues in the industry. The network will celebrate Women’s History Month through a toast to acknowledge the amazing role females play in this industry. A sommelier will take attendees through a virtual wine tasting with suggested food pairings. Participants will enjoy good conversation, many laughs and two great bottles of wine with SBN.

Register here.

*Registered attendees will be emailed a list of wines and food pairings to purchase prior to the event.

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 10:33

By Stephanie Martinez

Aston Martin
The ’21 Aston Martin DBX will be available for measuring, March
22–26, at the SEMA Garage in Diamond Bar, California.

In partnership with Aston Martin, the SEMA Garage has announced a Measuring Session for the ’21 Aston Martin DBX.

This event will allow SEMA members to test-fit prototypes, 3-D scan, measure and have a close-up experience with the ’21 Aston Martin DBX, featuring:

  • A 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine.
  • Nine-speed automatic transmission.
  • Adaptive air suspension.
  • Electric anti-roll control system (eARC).
  • Aston Martin’s first full-size five-seat model.     

Please note that this will be an in-person event at the SEMA Garage in Diamond Bar, California. In order to comply with state and local health guidelines, this event will take place over one week with scheduled appointments. Due to high demand, your appointment will be time limited.

Week 1: March 22, 2021–March 26, 2021

*All registered attendees will be required to take an initial temperature check, wear face coverings and gloves, as well as practice social distancing during their appointment. The vehicle will be sanitized in between each appointment.

Register now!

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 10:28

Compiled by SEMA Editors

Turn 14 Distribution Adds Moroso Performance to Line Card

Turn 14 Distribution has expanded its product range with the addition of Moroso Performance Products catalog of equipment for racing and street performance to its line card. Moroso manufacturers more than 4,000 products, including deep-sump oil pans, electric water pumps tall valve covers, lightweight front drag tires and racing vacuum pumps.

Steve Whipple joined JEGS as its new director of private-
label sourcing.
Steve Whipple Joins JEGS Private Label Department

Longtime industry veteran Steve Whipple has joined JEGS as its new director of private-label sourcing, where he will work with racing manufacturers to help bring products to market through the JEGS brand. Whipple comes to JEGS from Edelbrock, where he had served as vice president of sales and marketing since joining the company in 1999. Prior to Edelbrock, Whipple was a general manager for Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS), and before that the national sales manager for Super Shops Inc. Whipple currently serves on SEMA’s Board of Directors, and previously on SEMA’s Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC).

VP Racing Fuels Names Freddie Turza Lubricants Sales Manager

VP Racing Fuels Inc. has announced the appointment of motorsports veteran Freddie Turza as lubricants sales manager. Turza became part of the VP team in 2008 after a successful career as an engine builder in NASCAR with Richard Childress Racing, Labonte Racing, and as the head of Turza Racing Engines when he built race-winners for Billy Pauch, Craig VonDohren and many others. At VP, he was instrumental in introducing VP spec fuel to the Super DIRT Car Series, developed a global program with M-Sport, and has worked with OEMs, engine builders, tuners and racers around the world.

Pi Innovo
Dana Inc. announced that the company
has acquired Pi Innovo LLC, an
embedded software solutions and
electronic control units provider.
Dana Acquires Pi Innovo LLC

Dana Inc. announced that the company has acquired Pi Innovo LLC, an embedded software solutions and electronic control units provider for the light-, commercial- and off-highway markets. Dana had previously held a non-controlling interest in the company.

The software and controls expertise of Pi Innovo builds on Dana's capabilities in designing, engineering, and delivering complete vehicle integration for e-Propulsion systems.

PerTronix Performance Brands Acquires Taylor Cable

PerTronix Performance Brands has acquired Taylor Cable Products Inc., located in Grandview, Missouri. The announcement follows PerTronix’s acquisition of Aeromotive Inc. in November 2020.

Evolve Transporters Adds Marketing Exec to Team

Evolve Transporters, based in Painesville, Ohio, has announced Seth Kimberlin as its new director of partnerships. In his new position, Kimberlin will lead the management, collaboration, growth and development of relationships with race teams, sponsors and property partners. Kimberlin brings nine years of motorsports experience to the position, including his most recent stint at GMR Marketing managing the NASCAR Xfinity & Cup entitlements for Comcast. He also started his career overseeing client service and business development at Kentucky Speedway.

Covercraft has signed on as the title sponsor of the 2021
MLF Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit presented by Bad Boy
Mowers, Covercraft Stop 2–Lewis Smith Lake, March 11–14,
in Cullman, Alabama.
Covercraft Expands Sponsorship With Major League Fishing

Major League Fishing (MLF) has announced that Covercraft has signed on as the title sponsor of the 2021 MLF Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit presented by Bad Boy Mowers, Covercraft Stop 2–Lewis Smith Lake, March 11–14, in Cullman, Alabama. The Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit is professional bass fishing’s premier five-fish-limit tournament series, showcasing a field of 163 of the top bass anglers in the world competing for up to $135,000 at each regular-season tournament and up to $235,000 at the Tackle Warehouse TITLE, the Pro Circuit Championship.

Meyer Distributing Announces London, Ontario, Canada, Location

Meyer Distributing Inc. has announced the addition of its London, Ontario, Canada, location. This is Meyer’s second location in the nation in addition to its Milton, Ontario branch.

The Tuning School Announces Changes for 2021

The Tuning School announced several company changes for 2021. The Tuning school has a new logo, new products in development, and a new building purchase that the company says will increase the quality of education for all students. The Tuning School is also developing live virtual training courses to accommodate all potential students.

Alex Goodemoot
Alex Goodemoot of N.A. Williams Selected as World Class Technician

Alex Goodemoot, regional manager for N.A. Williams, has been selected as a “World Class Technician,” by the Auto Care Association and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Goodemoot grew up in the industry, spending most of his childhood in his family’s Carquest store. Throughout his 20’s, he worked in multiple repair facilities as both a technician and manager, sharpening his skills as a technician. He has worked at every level from the jobber store, warehouse, installer and manufacturer.

The Auto Care Association and ASE work together to recognize professional technicians who have tested and obtained ASE certification in 22 specialty areas to earn “World Class Technician” status. There are an estimated 879,000 technicians in the United States and approximately 250,000 of those techs are ASE certified. Goodemoot was one of only 42 individuals to earn “World Class Technician” recognition for 2021.

Hot Shot's SecretLSI Chemical Signs Trinidad and Tobago Distributor

LSI Chemical signed a new distributor for Trinidad and Tobago, and the country of Guyana, to the company’s rapidly growing roster of international distributors—TechMotive Imports. Located in San Juan, this distributor will immediately work with downstream companies in the oil and gas industry and automotive retail to promote and distribute LSI Chemical additives and specialty oils for a wide range of applications and markets. Serving customers throughout the Caribbean region, TechMotive specializes in innovative technology solutions and has a thriving compatible business, Maraj Air Conditioning Ltd., distributing automotive air conditioning and refrigeration parts and service since 1983, in addition to residential and commercial.

TechMotive specializes in improving lubricant, petrol, and diesel quality using cutting edge formulas derived from nano technology. TechMotive is now authorized to sell LSI Chemical oil and fuel additives as well as the full line of Hot Shot’s Secret products via retail in Trinidad and Tobago.

Have some company news you would like to share? Let us know and the news may appear in an upcoming issue of SEMA eNews. Send your items for consideration to