VIP Tours of the SEMA Garage for Manufacturers

SEMA Member News—March/April 2015

VIP Tours of the SEMA Garage for Manufacturers

The SEMA Garage provides SEMA-member businesses with access to the high-tech tools and equipment they need to get their products off the drawing board and into customers’ hands, whether they’re accessories or performance products. It is the only known facility of its kind in the United States, and manufacturers are invited to visit the garage to view the possibilities firsthand.

In addition to a FaroArm, the offerings in the 15,000-sq.-ft. SEMA Garage include vehicle lifts, a 3D printer for fast prototyping, digital race car scales, a full complement of hand tools and more.
In addition to a FaroArm, the offerings in the 15,000-sq.-ft. SEMA Garage include vehicle lifts, a 3D printer for fast prototyping, digital race car scales, a full complement of hand tools and more.

A total of 12 VIP Tours with about 15 guests each were scheduled for 2015. The currently scheduled dates are March 3, 10 and 17, with more to follow through the month of June. Each tour will last from 9:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m., beginning with a breakfast. Members will then be led on a tour of the Garage, including demonstrations of the FaroArm coordinate measuring machine and the facility’s associated emissions lab. In addition to the FaroArm, the offerings in the 15,000-sq.-ft. Garage include two vehicle lifts, a 3D printer for fast prototyping, digital race car scales for precise vehicle weight measurements, a full complement of hand tools and more.

“Our goal is to keep raising awareness in the industry about this fantastic SEMA benefit,” said Gary Vigil, the association’s director of membership. “We want to give members a behind-the-scenes look at the resources available to them through the SEMA Garage, and we hope that these tours will help them connect what’s available to their own unique needs.”

SEMA Garage benefits are augmented through other SEMA programs to help manufacturers bring products to market as efficiently as possible. For instance, several of the world’s largest automakers provide CAD files to SEMA companies through the Tech Transfer program. The CAD data can be used to develop high-quality parts quickly and cost effectively. The participating OEMs include Ford, Lincoln, General Motors/Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Fiat and Scion. In addition, SEMA is creating a scan library of other vehicles and products using its FaroArm. The annual subscription price for the Tech Transfer program is $360 and includes unlimited files. (Manufacturers must be approved by OEM.)

The SEMA Garage FaroArm scanning service also allows members to have the same accurate CAD files used by the top product design companies. The engineers at the SEMA Garage can perform proprietary, non-shared custom scanning services. (Note: The FaroArm must be operated by SEMA Staff. Tech Transfer subscriber price is $65 per hour; non-subscriber price is $95 per hour.)

The SEMA Garage also hosts Measuring Sessions (both on- and and off-site) that provide hands-on access to new domestic and international vehicles for designing and developing prototype products. The Garage has specialty tools available, including spring-measuring equipment, corner weight scales and the FaroArm. Measuring session invitations are sent out via e-mail to manufacturer members and are listed on To be added to the list for upcoming session e-mails, contact

Private measuring sessions for domestic vehicles are also available on an exclusive basis. And, upon request, non-U.S. vehicles can be delivered to a member’s place of business for private measuring sessions and research and development purposes. All sessions are free to SEMA-member manufacturers, but membership is required for participation.

Other valuable components of the SEMA Garage include the fully functional emissions lab for CARB EO testing, a photography studio and a training center. The temperature-controlled, fully certified, CARB-compliant EO emissions lab offers the services and guidance to achieve emissions compliance status for engine-related products at an affordable cost. The photo studio features a fully equipped fullsize vehicle cove and product cove with infinity walls and an adjustable overhead lighting setup. And the Training Center allows companies to host an impressive product reveal or conduct a full training session for a new product.

“The SEMA Garage is a clubhouse for members to develop products in a quick and efficient manner,” said Mike Spagnola, vice president of SEMA’s OEM and product development programs. “It’s an incubator of sorts. A place to put your hands on the latest car makes and models, measure them, develop and test-fit products on those vehicles, do emissions compliance work and, last but not least, use tools to help take those products to market. All those tools are available under one roof.”

To RSVP now for one of the remaining VIP SEMA Garage tours, visit or learn more at Members who are unable to make it to a VIP Tour can schedule a private tour or obtain pricing for all services by calling or e-mailing Rachael Salazar at 909-978-6728 or