The Street Performance Council Welcomes New Leadership

SEMA Member News - September/October 2010

The Street Performance Council Welcomes New Leadership

Select Committee members are called on to serve and guide the council forward. The Street Performance Council (SPC) thanks the Select Committee members for all their hard work and contributions. We welcome the following new members to our team.

George Ciordas, KW Automotive North America

  SEMA Member News-September/October 2010-SPC  
  George Ciordas 
Like every other graduate, Ciordas decided to pursue the career he studied in school. Within a few short years, he refocused his energies and pursued a love for cars and competition. Ciordas started in 1999 with his first company, Import Society, and first foray into the sport-compact racing segment. Later, and after two highly successful seasons on Speed Channel, he established himself as an authority in the sport-compact community and solidified a developing foundation for this newly adopted career. In 2006, he became marketing manager for KW Automotive North America, where he helped KW suspensions establish itself as a market leader in the performance suspension segment in North America. He looks forward to working with the council’s objectives, membership and communication task forces.

Baadal “Bottle” Deliwala, Titan Motorsports Inc. (Incumbent)

Building Titan Motorsports from the ground up has given Deliwala unique views on how to deliver excellent customer service as well as keeping the company efficient to deliver maximum savings to its customers and clients. These same principles have allowed him to help manage the winningest team in NHRA sport-compact history as well as multiple NOPI championships. In this ever-changing industry, he believes that we need to not only be able to adapt but also anticipate new trends—something Deliwala hopes to bring to the leadership of the SPC.

Chris Dye, Club RSX (Incumbent)

  SEMA Member News-September/October 2010-SPC  
  Chris Dye
Dye, owner and manager of Club RSX Inc., has operated a sport-compact parts business for nine years and has been involved in the industry for more than 16. He has chosen to get involved to help create positive change within the sport-performance community. As an incumbent, he has been an active participant with the membership and communications task forces and has plans to expand SPC member benefits for the long term.

Gigi Ho, Digital Performance Inc. (Incumbent)

As a founder of Digital Performance Inc., a leading digital technology and service provider, Ho has been dedicated to the growth and development of the automotive aftermarket for the past eight years. Focusing on data standardization tools for the industry and connecting buyers and sellers via a widely syndicated parts search engine gives Ho a unique perspective on the future of the marketplace. She has been serving and contributing at numerous AAIA and SEMA events for many years and has presented for AAIA and SEMA-sponsored webinars. During her time on the SPC, Ho plans to apply her experience and expertise to strengthening the council’s objectives of member outreach and opportunities and facilitate the survival and prosperity of businesses as the industry continues to evolve.

Albert Reda, Vibrant Power Inc.(Incumbent)
Reda has been a part of the automotive industry for more than 12 years and set a successful track record as the sales manager for Vibrant Performance. Most notably, he has spearheaded the establishment of his company’s distribution network with partners in 18 countries worldwide. Reda plans to draw from this international sales experience on future council matters. As an incumbent, he has focused on the business issues that impact the automotive performance jobber and hopes to continue on this track during the next two years.

Famous Rhodes, eBay Motors

Rhodes is the parts and accessories director of eBay Motors, the Internet’s largest marketplace for buying and selling all things automotive. He is responsible for the strategic direction, technical execution and overall success of the automotive parts and accessories category. Rhodes has been an automotive enthusiast since birth and wants to give back and serve the industry that inspires him every day. His career and leadership roles have provided him exposure to the latest technologies and strategies for success on the Internet with eBay, and KPMG. He intends to leverage this experience to help the council build a working strategy of expanding online opportunities for enthusiasts.

MK Sathya, Keystone Automotive Operations Inc. (Incumbent)

  SEMA Member News-September/October 2010-SPC  
  MK Sathya 
As a business leader with more than 18 years experience in the areas of global business, manufacturing, quality and operations, distribution, global procurement and supply chain, Sathya will bring an unbiased perspective to the various constituents of the SPC. He finds this industry fascinating and uniquely American—representing passion, entrepreneurship, independence and individual expression. He has met several veterans of the industry who have continually educated him on its opportunities and challenges alike. He will bring the leadership capability necessary to deal with those challenges and opportunities.