Spring Cleaning—SEMA Style

SEMA Member News—March 2017

By Katie Carson

Spring Cleaning—SEMA Style

 SEMA Customer Service
A SEMA customer service specialist is standing by for any questions regarding your membership and updating your company information. Customer service can be reached at 909-610-2030.

SEMA’s mission statement is to help its member companies succeed and prosper. The association values communication with its members. After all, they are the true boots-on-the-ground warriors of this great industry.

SEMA wants to have effective communication with its members specifically by making sure that the association’s communication efforts reach the appropriate employees within the member company depending on the subject matter. By having the most up-to-date company information, SEMA can better target relevant information and benefits to its members.

SEMA members can check their company profiles and make adjustments to personnel and dues amount by emailing members@sema.org, and a customer-service specialist will assist them.

Company Information and Personnel

SEMA sends an email out to the primary contact of each member company on an annual basis, requesting that they take a look at their current company information in SEMA’s database and update it with any changes that have occurred within the past year. The updates include changes to physical or billing address, personnel, annual sales information and key contact updates.

Updating your company information on at least an annual basis will help ensure that all SEMA communications—including SEMA News, event information and billing—are directed to the intended people. SEMA also asks that any changes to the company’s listed annual sales are indicated.

The association’s annual dues are based on membership category and the company’s annual sales, with the lowest dues payment at just $100 and the highest at $2,000. Although SEMA hasn’t raised dues for membership in more than 30 years, SEMA asks members to confirm their sales annually to ensure that their dues are in alignment with their changing annual sales. By being a dues-paying member of the association, you not only receive member-only benefits and resources, but you are also supporting an organization that fights for your business’s industry and works to drive it forward.

Updating any personnel changes within a company is especially important if that person is designated as a key SEMA contact. Having up-to-date personnel information, including job titles, helps SEMA in its outreach efforts, ensuring that specific targeted information gets into the hands of the appropriate company contact.

SEMA has resources pertaining to certain job titles or responsibilities. Making sure that each employee listed within a SEMA-member company has his or her most up-to-date title will aid SEMA in its goal of sending relevant information out to its members. For example, any news about SEMA’s Career Center would be targeted toward human resource professionals, while a measuring session at the SEMA Garage would be targeted toward engineers.

SEMA “Key Contact” Profiles

Primary Contact: Along with ensuring that all company information is kept current with SEMA, the primary contact for a SEMA-member company is the person designated to receive all of the general SEMA outreach information and forward it to anybody within the member organization who would find relevancy in the message. The primary contact also has the responsibility of voting in SEMA elections, such as the Board of Directors election.

Council Contact: The council contact is the designated employee within the company who receives all updates about councils the company belongs to. This contact has the responsibility of voting in council elections and the council awards programs. Nominations for these programs are open to all employees of SEMA council member companies.

Billing Contact: The company billing contact receives all transaction communications coming from SEMA.

Before beginning your SEMA spring cleaning, take a look at some helpful notes from our customer-service team:

  • A member can view company profile and information on MySEMA but cannot make any changes/edits to the company profile. All edits need to be emailed to members@sema.org.

  • When logging in to pay an invoice, be sure that the last digit in the member number is a capital letter O, not a zero. If an error message still appears, contact customer service or email the above address.

  • Paying an invoice and reviewing a company profile are two separate log-ins. If a member is unsure of which login to use, contact customer service.