SPC Chair-Elect Brian Reese Sets Goals

SEMA Member News—January/February 2012

SPC Chair-Elect Brian Reese Sets Goals

A Few Words With SPC Chair-Elect Brian Reese

As Brian Reese begins his two-year term as chair-elect of the SPC, he shared his views about the new reception format and his goals for the council. 
Brian Reese will become the chairman of the Street Performance Council (SPC) at the conclusion of Tyler Tanaka’s term as the current chairman. Under Tanaka’s tutelage, Reese will spend the next two years learning the ropes and developing the skills to steer the council’s Select Committee.

SEMA Member News recently took advantage of the opportunity to ask Reese about his goals now and in the coming years, and we opened the discussion by looking at the decision to combine the SPC reception with the Young Executive Network (YEN) reception and move them to a new night.

SEMA Member News: Do you think the decision regarding combining the SPC and YEN events to the same location was successful?

Brian Reese: I have attended both the SPC and YEN Receptions over the past several years. Both have been great events, albeit small and somewhat challenging to attend, either because of distance—with YEN in the Renaissance and SPC at the Hilton—or because of conflict, since both were on the same night as other receptions. This year’s reception was by far the largest I’ve seen for either SPC or YEN. The size was an obvious success, but the new setup additionally set a basis for future events. We will build on this start, and I am confident now that this model has proven viable that we will increase promotions, purposes and value for the 2012 event. Our goal should be to make the reception a “must-attend” event during the ever-busy SEMA week.

SMN: What is your two-year vision for SPC as its new chair-elect?

BR: I want to work to narrow our focus and do a great job on the selected important priorities we agree to. We should be delivering value to our members, and that objective must be true when reflecting any project’s worthiness.

SMN: Are there specific challenges facing the street performance industry? If so, how do you hope to overcome them?

BR: Legality and the complexity of technology are probably the two biggest challenges. Both present obstacles but also opportunities. Those companies that can provide solutions that overcome these challenges will lead the pack. Investing in your future plan and strategy are key.

The newly combined SPC/YEN Reception was deemed a success by all involved. SPC Chair-Elect Reese said that it opens new possibilities for next year. 
Beyond the SPC, Reese’s latest interest is this ’08 Harley Rocker C.
SMN: What drives your high level of passion for the industry? What got you started?

BR: I am driven by the simple philosophy to be the very best at everything I do, regardless of topic—work, family, friends or community. You can either win or lose, be happy or sad, successful or failed. Why would anyone want to strive for anything short of winning, happiness and being successful at everything?

SMN: How has being an SPC member been beneficial to you and your company?

BR: Networking is probably the best benefit. I have met some great people and made some sincere friends. It is a rich experience.

SMN: What will you do as chairman to encourage SPC-member companies to become more actively involved?

BR: It is a great opportunity, and it’s easy to engage. I think there is plenty of benefits to be had, and it takes very little effort. There is a way for any company to gain something of value out of SPC, but it starts by joining and participating.

SMN: Let’s get personal. Do you have a customized vehicle? If so, tell us about it.

BR: Of course! I cycle through toys fairly often. I keep busy with multiple vehicle projects. My latest interest is a ’08 Harley Rocker C.

Sponsor Appreciation

The SPC extends its deep appreciation to the sponsors who made the combined SPC/YEN reception possible.


  • Advantage Truck Accessories
  • Auto Meter
  • SEIA/ Alliant Insurance Sevices
  • CarCareONE by GE Capital
  • COMP Performance Group
  • Considine Sales and Marketing
  • Hypertech
  • K&N Engineering
  • Wes-Coast Marketing
  • Skyjacker Suspensions
  • Hellwig Products
  • Steele Rubber Products
  • Kahn Media
  • RPM Data Services
  • Flex-a-lite Consolidated
  • TruXedo
  • Adli Law Group PC


  • Scorpion Window Film
  • Scorpion Truck Bed Linings
  • BedRug Inc. (Part of THI)