SBN Announces Its Slate - Ten Seats Open

Elections for a seat on the SBN select committee will take place the week of May 18, 2009. Seven of the seats will be for a two-year term and three of the seats will be for a one-year term. Individual SBN members should expect to receive candidate campaign materials in the mail shortly. Each SBN member is asked to review and consider their choices carefully.

We congratulate the following nominees for making the slate:

  • Vicki Archila, R & R Marketing Consultants -  Manufacturers Rep Firm
  • Nan Kevin Gelhard, Summit Racing Equipment –Mail Order Company
  • Erin Gilhuly, Toyota Motor Sales - Vehicle Assembler
  • Jessica Grindle, Advanstar Communications (Off-Road) –Publisher/Media Company
  • Cheralyn Hale, Advanced Clutch Technology –Manufacturer
  • Julie Helms, Edgenet Inc. (Big Hammer) –Internet Related Service
  • Gigi Ho, Digital Performance Inc. –Internet Related Service
  • Anne Johnson, Keystone Automotive Operations –Warehouse/ML Distributor
  • Melissa Lawrence, Power TV Media –Publisher/Media Company - Incumbent
  • Nancy Loetfering, Davert Tools, Inc. - Manufacturer - Incumbent
  • Laurie Marcellus, Trans American Auto Parts LLC Off Road Adventures – Sole/Exclusive Distributor
  • Cathi J Robbe, Colorado State University – Pueblo -  School/University/College
  • Trina Wilson, Dci –Advertising/Marketing Agency - Incumbent
  • Mandi Woodell, Weathers Auto Supply –Warehouse/ML Distributor

The willingness of these candidates to volunteer their time and give back to the 270+ SBN members and SEMA member companies is welcomed.  The ability to take off company and personal hats to work for the good of our membership and not for personal gain is one of the most honorable traits a select committee member holds.  We are pleased to have their interest, dedication and support in this unique network of members.

Each SBN individual member will be asked to vote for ten of these exceptional dedicated individuals, we wish all candidates well with their campaign efforts.

Questions regarding SBN committee elections can be directed to the Chairman of the Nominations/elections committee, Tammy Holland, (901) 375-3451 or Council Relations Director Jan Desma at 909/396-0289 x134.