Sample Press Release for Collector Car Appreciation Day

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-- Organizers across the country unite to recognize first-ever “Collector Car Appreciation Day” --

(City, State), (Date) – (Organizer Name) is joining organizers across the country to celebrate the first-ever Collector Car Appreciation Day by holding the (Event Name) on (Date), (Time) in (Location, City, State).

The United States Senate declared the second Friday in July as Collector Car Appreciation Day as a means to raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society.  

“We are pleased that our elected officials have acknowledged the positive presence that the automotive industry has in local communities,” said (Name), (Title).  “We’re looking forward to the (Event Name) where (hundreds/thousands) of people will be able to demonstrate their love for automobiles. The event is going to be even more special knowing that car-lovers across the country are celebrating as well.”

The (Event Name) is one of hundreds of car events taking place on or around July 9, 2010, the official date designated as Collector Car Appreciation Day. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) developed a list of events nationwide and posted it at

SEMA, a trade association for business in the specialty equipment market, and ARMO, a council within SEMA that is dedicated to preserving and promoting the automotive restoration industry, requested the resolution on behalf of its members. 

“Car collection is a uniquely American pastime and it’s played an integral role in our society,” said Jim Barber, Chairman of ARMO. “The Senate Resolution and the events taking place all over the country are testaments to the importance and passion that this industry has.”

The (Event Name) will include more than (XXX) vehicles, including (list a couple of noteworthy vehicles). Attendees will be able to see the detailed craftsmanship that goes into restoring a classic car up close and in person. (Include details re: food, music, activities, etc.). Admission is (Cost/Free). For additional details about the event, visit (website) or contact (Name, Phone, E-Mail).


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